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Iñigo Pérez's Santander OpenStar Film Festival

January 20, 2012

Gathering music and movies on one of the world's biggest screens

  • Text by Nico Castro

OpenStar is a festival that's been traveling around the world for many years. This summer it arrived for the first time in Chile, mixing music and movies in a way we had never experienced before. With a screen that's equivalent to a six-floor building, a quality of sound that is as loud as a rock concert and live music afterwards, it's a perfect invitation to have a great time during the summer in the city.

Iñigo Pérez, OpenStar's executive producer, explains us better what this is all about.

Satellite Voices: How did you come up with the idea of making OpenStar?
Iñigo Pérez: From giving people the possibility to go to the movies in a way they have never experienced before. Cinema is a very precious art, full of talent, creativity, but after it comes out it's doomed to be seen by most viewers in tiny screens with lousy sound quality. That's why Openstar shows those multi-million productions in a big format, with high definition image and the sound it deserves. It's like going to a rock concert. This has been done for 18 years among others in cities like Zurich, Duesseldorf, Lisbon, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi and Sidney,with an overwhelming success. That encourages us to keep doing it and to push the format forward each time.

SV: Can you tell us more about the huge screen?
Iñigo Pérez: The screen is a mechanised structure of 325 square meters, equivalent to a six floor building or a tennis court. It weighs over 40 tons, which is like 10 elephants. Each day the screen rises from the floor, impressing the viewers, who are seated in comfy beach chairs.

SV: Why did you mix movies and music in this edition?
Iñigo Pérez: In this huge event, Santander OpenStar wants to push two of the most important arts: movies and music. For a highly entertaining format. The screening are always followed by a party. The venue is perfect, in the middle of a beautiful park, with a rare mix of audience. It's a celebration for people who love both, film and music, and know how to have a good party in the summer. In this first Chilean edition we added live music, inviting some of the countries' top performers, giving people the chance to enjoy them in a magnificent spot under the stars.

SV: Why did you choose Parque Bicentenario and what are the advantages of this location?
Iñigo Pérez: Parque Bicentenario, in Vitacura, is becoming a landmark in this city. It's a huge place founded not so long ago, and its conditions are perfect to make this event. It's really a privileged location, well constructed, that gives us the necessary space to OpenStar. Besides, Vitacura's Cultural Corporation and the government were very interested in the project and saw it's potential to be more than the traditional open space cinema screening that is done every summer.

SV: What are your three must-see movies from this edition?
Iñigo Pérez: The movie selection is very good and chosen for different types of people. If I had to choose, it would be Fernando Trueba's "Chico y Rita", a Cuban love story based on real life facts, which is also developed as cartoons. That gives the movie a very magical touch. The soundtrack is beautiful too. "Mis Tardes con Margaritte", a delicate French pre screening, with a charming story and with a brilliant Gérard Depardieu. Highlights also include the chance to see Gepe, Pedropiedra, Javiera Mena, Francisca Valenzuela, Rufián Fuego and Fernando Milagros. Also: all this is for free in that incredible place.

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