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January 6, 2012

We meet the Salinas brothers behind the South American audio visual dons

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Diego and Nicolas Salinas, twin brothers, share the passion for audiovisual work. Professional designers, these two brothers turned their love for music into an audiovisual project through Telefunken. With visuals created by them, the Salinas are able to animate the nights of Santiago, as well as being requested by the best national and international bands on their shows. They have worked with Hot Chip, Justice, The Pixies and the locals Intimate Stranger and Matenlo. But today their work has been extended not only to music, as they are requested in the most important fashion shows in Chile with their work in mapping. The brothers are one of the most avant-garde proposals in the local audiovisual world.

Satellite Voices: How did you start in the audiovisual world?
Diego and Nicolas Salinas: We started when we were looping for a way to ge tinto the local music scene. We had a lot of friends that were DJs, musicians and rockers. We didn’t play any instrument or music, but we liked everything about music in general so we had to look for a way to do something. That’s when we got creative and with our home TVs we started playing videos in parties.

SV: What was your first professional job?
Diego and Nicolas Salinas: We are not sure we can say it is our first professional job because we have been working a lot of years in this, but it would have to be the first time we worked with Fauna Productions. We made the visuals for Classixx, a duo of californian DJs in 2010. It was a very good job and opened a door for us to integrate to the local scene, in which we are very happy.

SV: In what do you inspire to do your work?
Diego and Nicolas Salinas: Our inspiration has always been music, but if we had to talk about something visual, we are very interested in the mixtures of organic and electronic components that can be generated. Usually we try always to incluye these two aspects in our work.

SV: What do you like doing best: visual sor videos? And why?
Diego and Nicolas Salinas: It is difficult to decide, because they are very different jobs. Making videos is fun when you work with good locations and good projects. We are eager to enter to the World of music video clips. That freedom that you can get by doing things for music bands rounds very entertaining. For now, we are in conversations with Intimate Stranger, a local band, for a new clip. We’ve also come for quite a time doing Interactive projects, large projections and mapping.

SV: What do you think about audiovisual work in Chile?
Diego and Nicolas Salinas: We believe that Chile is really a gem. We had the chance to meet local people that are very good in what they do, that can even leave us standing up applauding. It is also good to realise how bands have been integrating into their shows an art director or a visualist. They are noticing how important is what enters through your eyes, as well as through your ears, and that is something very good for the national scene.

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