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Electrodomésticos: El Frío Misterio

September 14, 2011

The documentary about the cult Chilean band is released with a reunion show

  • Text by Nico Castro

During the 80s, Chile was not nearly as fertile as it is now for the development of a strong musical scene. Unlike our neighbours Argentina, it was rare to see exciting bands rebel agains Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. Of course there was Los Prisioneros (The Prisoners), who mixed punk attitude, post-punk and new wave sounds with great hooks and inspirational lyrics. But with a lot less spotlight, and a much more experimental sound, there was Electrodomésticos

Fronted by Carlos Cabezas and Silvio Paredes, the name of the band was not a mere coincidence. Electrodomésticos means electrical appliances, which is very suitable because they loved to try new sounds, like blenders. And, in Spanish, it can also means home-mande electronic music. Mixing those sounds with new wave and different sources of sampling, the band released only two albums within six years, playing only a handful of well-remembered shows.

After breaking up in 1992, its members tried different projects, including some solo albums. In 2002 they reunited and released a new album, before calling it a day again in 2005. But with the release of El Frío Misterio, a documentary about the band directed by Sergio Castro, the band is reuniting to play again next week, to make its release a very worthwile event to attend.

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