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Raíz Diseño

March 22, 2012

The upcoming event that looks to raise creativity within Chilean fashion

  • Text by Nico Castro

For the first time, the creators of Raíz Diseño are pushing forward the fashion and design event to fit with the fall winter collection. Through a series of previously unseen activities, many independent designers from Chile -and a few from Argentina- will be able to show what they like to call "creative economy", as well as showing that this country can also export good ideas besides good wine and good fruit or meat. 

We spoke to director Laura Novik to get a full insight on this very original event.

Satellite Voices: How did the idea of Raíz Diseño happen and under what needs?

Laura Novik: As an evolution of a string of fashion and design events that went through different capitals in Latin America, called "Circuito Identidades Latinas". We wanted to keep this project going, projecting the artist's design nationally and starting to speak about sustainable design with specific experiences beyond the environmental reasons, but also social and cultural ones.

SV: How can you get together design and fashion for what you call "creative economy?

Laura Novik: Introducing creation as an economy resource. You cannot sell only jam, salmon and wine - you can do it with ideas, aesthetic experiments and technical inventions as well, in different levels (handmade or industrial). That's what we're trying to say in Raíz Diseño. That Chile is much more than a powerful agricultural, rancher or mining country. From a long time it's been a breed of intellectual and creatives that have inspired the world. And they should still be doing it!

SV: What specialties brings this edition that we haven't seen before?

Laura Novik: For the first time we show the fall-winter collection (we're always the other season round) and, for the first time, we're having this exposition where we asked designers to create their own prototypes as a conversation with the art of different contemporary Chilean artists, per Mavi Museum's request. We're happy because our event is reinventing itself and experimenting with each new edition!

SV: What are the activities or expositions that no one should miss?

Laura Novik: "Interfaces, Arte, Moda y Diseño" is the exposition that gathers 12 designers that interpret, play and speak with the art from 11 Chilean plastic artists. For the first time here, the doors of a museum are open not only to show fashion and design, but also to connect the imagination from different creative worlds. It will be running until May 30. And in March 31, from 3pm to 9pm, the catwalks from 10 brands (Chilean and some invited from Argentina) will get the best, the new, the unexpected, the unusual and the revolutionary that designers propose to this part of the world.

Raíz Diseño will be held from March 30 through April 1, at Mavi Museum and Centro GAM.

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