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Antonia Salamé is Isla Bonita

March 21, 2012

The young designer who opened her own boutique within her house whilst still at college sets her sights far and wide

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Designer Antonia Salamé took the risk of opening her store Isla Bonita while still in college. Her successful brand mixes tropical influences with rock 'n' roll in clothing creating original prints, designed by Antonia herself. Isla Bonita's special seal. With over five years of experience, Antonia has showcased her designs on the most important national runway shows and is now hungry to reach abroad with her enigmatic vision.

Satellite Voices: When did you realize that fashion was your thing?
Antonia Salamé:
When I was little, I used to go shopping for fabrics with my mum because we used to have a seamstress that came once-a-week to my house. Then as a teenager, I used to go shopping to vintage stores and cut, fit and ripped the clothes in order to get something different.

SV: How did the idea of Isla Bonita came?
Antonia Salamé:
While studying my first year of fashion design I sold clothes to my friends, so I installed a little shop in my house with my sister Daniela. We started doing well and the word spread. People we didn’t know started calling us, they wanted to see our clothes, so we decided to find a store. In 2007 we found a place we liked, away from malls. There we started with Isla Bonita.

SV: How would you define Isla Bonita’s style?
Antonia Salamé:
Isla Bonita has a unique style with Brazilian, gypsy and Arabic influences. Depending on the seasons, in winter it gets super rock and merges with trends to give it a commercial look. But what really identifies Isla Bonita are the prints of each season, that with new textures and patterns designed by me, mix the colours and make original designs creating a unique style.

SV: What do you think of what is being done with fashion in Chile?
Antonia Salamé:
I think it is progressing well and growing fast. I see an interest from people about fashion and finding their own style, especially in the younger generations. On the other way, the media has given importance to the new national designers, making a series of events such as fairs, exhibitions and runway shows to help designers being known.

SV: What are your plans with Isla Bonita?
Antonia Salamé:
To continue with Isla Bonita with my sister. Something I would also like to achieve is to sell in other countries and make the brand known by my audience that surely in traveling somewhere around!

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