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Angelica Uribe

March 8, 2012

The young designer behind the homegrown MUE label talks about her inspiration and drive

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

As an inspired and driven fashion and textile design graduate, Angelica Uribe was on a mission to create her own label, with the vision of a simple and elegant collection. This was only two years ago and Uribe's label was born, MUE. In a super short time, MUE has created a buzz across the local fashion scenes, showing six times at both Santiago and Viña del Mar’s fashion weeks and appearing in fashion editorials in all the major national titles. We speak to the prolific designer and goi behind the scenes at MUE.

Satellite Voices: Where did the fashion interest come from?
Angelica Uribe:
Since I was a little girl I showed an interest in fashion. I designed my own and my friends’ party dresses. I spent all my classes sketching dresses. I also played on the computer a game about dressing figurines and matching garments when I was 12.

SV: How did MUE emerged?
Angelica Uribe:
I can’t delegate. I like my way, my line for designing, it’s mine. So, what could I do with this? My own brand. Besides, I always said I wanted to do this at some point. This is how MUE was born, newly graduated and willing to start something on my own that had the identity and stamp that I could attribute.

SV: How would you define MUE’s style?
Angelica Uribe:
A simple, elegant and feminine style.

SV: What inspires you to design?
Angelica Uribe:
I’m inspired by everyday life. It depends on what I’m living in that moment of my life, how I’m feeling, where I find my refuge, what gives me harmony and where I find peace. Usually my collections are linked to my emotions and are a refuge of them.

SV: Tell us about your last collection.
Angelica Uribe:
Namaste is the lastest collection, where I wanted to rescue materials and people in their essence. No cuts, no structures, giving shape to the fabric with the same body, with its own fall and forming the garment with the person, making them merge and become one. I also added colours to make those grey winter days more recreational and that inner light is projected in the life these same colors give to garments.

SV: What are your plans with MUE this year?
Angelica Uribe:
To continue with this project and keep on creating.

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