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Artista del Hambre

February 22, 2012

Luxury vintage and pop culture in Santiago headed up by Sebastian Coll

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Artista del Hambre is the shop responsible for bringing luxury vintage to Santiago. Sebastian Coll, along with his four partners decided to open a clothing store that compiled iconic brands clothing associated with pop culture, creating a collection with clothes and accesories described as: “Experienced and virgins, hard-to-get in their respective times and today, impossible." Limited editions from Hermès, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Lanvin and many others, curated in a way that has never been seen before in Santiago.

Satellite Voices: How did the idea of opening a luxury vintage shop come about?
Sebastian Coll:
Although the store does not have an unbreakable commitment with vintage (you can also find new clothes and other carefully selected from recent collections), we consider that the offering of vintage clothing in Chile is very deficient, in both quality and exclusivity. We wanted to take vintage to a higher level, making a hyper selection of brands and designs, choosing the clothes one-by-one, cult objects created by leading designers and worn by pop icons.

SV: What would you highlight from vintage clothing and accesories?
Sebastian Coll:
I highlight a certain dimension of memory, garbage and basically the posibility of excluding other people of that which fills the taste by teasing them.

SV: What do you think about the Chilean customer? Does he or she dare to buy second hand clothes at high prices?
Sebastian Coll:
They dare less than what we would like. We could say that we give all our faith that they will adjust to the store.

SV: What projects do you have in relation to the store?
Sebastian Coll:
A third administration. Becoming a cultural industry. Getting on TV. Drawing the attention of the media. Contaminate ourselves of success. Making ourselves worse people, regretting everything we’ve done and finally find true love, maybe naked, maybe dressed in Zara.

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