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Monica Infante and Zapateria Maestra

February 3, 2012

Meet the author of the most classic but requested handmade shoes in Chile

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Monica Infante is responsible for making the most requested new shoes in Chile. While studying architecture, Monica began to develop a curiosity about the craft of shoemaking. The first shoes she created in colalboration with a shoemaker were sold via Facebook. Shoe lover waith for Zapateria Maestra’s creations for weeks to have them.

Satellite Voices: How did the idea of making shoes came?
Monica Infante: I started to learn the skill of shoe making because it was something that I was interested in, mainly in the craftmanship.

SV: What inspires you to make shoes?
Monica Infante: In the movies I see, the magazines I look, in the people walking down the streets, travels, books… I am always alert because in any momento you can find things that can tell you something, and for me inspiration is a very dinamic process.  I don’t sit down to draw and say, 'Okay, I have to inspire in something.' But I go gathering things slowly.

SV: How would you define Zapateria Maestra?
Monica Infante: As classic, simple and with the elegante you need to wear the shoes every day.

SV: What are your goals related to Zapateria Maestra?
Monica Infante: Continue to strengthen the brand in Santiago and focus the brand throughout Chile. Also start with online sales, hopefully going abroad as well.

SV: What do you think about the current shoe market in Chile?
Monica Infante: I think it has diverdified through the last years, having more design applied. You can find good quality shoes and bad as well, but that’s good. I personally like the work of a few.

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