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Luz Briceño and La Joya Design

January 5, 2012

Tribal optimism from the local designer and boutique

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Luz Briceño is the Chilean designer known for her feminine pieces and her four-year-old store. Incorporating a craftsman's touch in her clothes, Luz combines fabrics such as silks and organic cottons, giving life to unique collections with perfect fits and quality. No wonder her little shop is located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Santiago.

Satellite Voices: How did you started in the fashion world?
Luz Briceño: Ever since I was a little girl I remember that my mother always made me go to a seamstress to make me clothes, because at that time in Chile there weren’t stores with well designed with fun clothing. And I was raised with vintage. My mother always took me to fairs, flea markets and vintage stores, which eventually led me to have a connection with design, with relating things to other times, with rare and antique fabrics.

SV: What inspires you to design?
Luz Briceño: I am inspired by many things from street style, vintage, architecture and nature! I do a preliminary screening of all that’s happening in fashion in these days, so that then I can make a mix and take it to a new language that transmit senses.

SV: Tell us about your latest collection?
Luz Briceño: My latest collection is called "Honeycomb". In terms of concept, I worked with an image of a hanging woman that reflected relaxation, calmness and peace. In terms of shapes I was inspired by the tribal shapes, because of some collars I got from an ancient tribe from the north of Thailand. And in terms of colours, I worked with warm colors, with the rainbow and worked with a watercolour technique, which I used to paint some silk dresses by hand.

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