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Satellite Voices Worldwide: Fer Munizaga

January 4, 2012

A round robin interview with our local editors pitching questions to each other from around the globe

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Fer Munizaga is one of our newest Satellite Voices contributors from Santiago. An up-and-coming fashion and music journalist, she embodies that new DIY spirit of the city.

Luca Lo Pinto (Rome): What are you wearing while you are answering to this question?
Fer Munizaga: I'm wearing a vintage navy, white polka dot t-shirt dress with a camel leather and gold belt that my Mum used to own and brown loafers.

Celine Puertas: Which foreign country would you like to discover and why?
Fer Munizaga: I would love to go and discover the Philippines, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia and Vietnam. I've always had a curiosity for these countries.

Simone Sebastian: Most of the people in my circle are talking about the recent Dubai Film Festival - what are you and your friends talking about at the moment?
Fer Munizaga: What we are mostly talking about is how music has become one of the most important entertainment activities in Santiago. Not only because of big festivals, such as Lollapalooza, Mysteryland, Mutek but also because of the major entrance of big and small bands and artists to our city. Every year more and more artists come to Chile and now we are in a period where music has opened our common culture and we've acquired a more exquisite taste in general.

Karchun Leung (Shanghai): Any vintage shops you like?
Fer Munizaga: I love those vintage shops that are in the south of Chile! Every time I go to small towns in the south, I go to the local stores, there is where I've found my best vintage clothes. And in Santiago, I like Reciclage I Love.

Kate Hazell (Dubai): What do you wish your city had that it doesn't?
Fer Munizaga: Two concerts: The Cure and The Rolling Stones and a H&M store...

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