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Satellite Voices Worldwide: Nico Castro

December 28, 2011

A round robin interview with our local editors pitching questions to each other from around the globe

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Meet Nico Castro, our Santiago music don for all indie, electro and psychedelia. He runs his own blog NNM.cl as well as hosts his own radio show and DJs at the likes of Cellar. We asked all our editors to put their questions into the proverbial hat...

Christine Bierhals (Munich): What was the most amazing event for you personally in your city 2011?
Nico Castro: It has to be Primavera Fauna. Some friends of mine made this awesome festival for the first time, in a beautiful place, with great weather and a great mixture of local and international bands and DJs. I definitely hope it maintains for years to come.

Emi Kameoka (Tokyo): Where is the best coffee shop in your city?
Nico Castro: Right now I'm loving a place called Rende bú. It's good for having breakfast, lunch or tea. I don't know if it's the best, but it's just a block away from home, so an easy choice.

Kristina Voytovich (Moscow): What songs are the most popular on your iPod?
Nico Castro: It must be "It's Real" by Real Estate. My favourite album of the year.

Josh Atkin (Shanghai): What's the most spoken urban slang in your city and what does it mean?
Nico Castro: "Huevón" (pronounced without the "v"). It's like the Chilean version of "guy" or "dude" but I can have many different meanings depending on its use. It can even be an insult if you use the tone right.

Simone Sebastian (Dubai): What are your plans for NYE?
Nico Castro: I'll DJ a party at the beach starring Miami Horror and local talent Javiera Mena. Should be fun.

Sylvia Weber (Munich): What do you consider your greatest success so far?

Nico Castro: That would have to be hosting my own radio show at my favourite radio station in Chile. To this day I can't believe it's actually true.

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