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Martín Avendaño

September 29, 2011

The skateboarder behind arts collective Madhaus and the lo-fi band Line

  • Text by Nico Castro

Martín Avendaño is better known as "Cucho" (Chilean slang for "kitten"), a man who channels everything he sees through his passion for skating and art, two disciplines where he's quite accomplished. A few years ago he founded a friends collective called Madhaus, where urban culture met art and music, forming bands among them.

That's when Cucho's third passion arises. He's the drummer and lead singer in trio Line, probably one of the best kept secrets in Santiago's underground scene. Mixing the love of lo-fi rock bands, like Dinosaur Jr. or Guided by Voices, they have only one four-song EP out (which they have available for free download here), but are soon to release a proper album. 

All those three things combine on this interview. As you will be able to check out, Cucho's a man of few words. But his opus speaks for itself.

Satellite Voices: How did Madhaus started?
Martín Avendaño:
Madhaus is a sect created on the magnetic underground.

SV: How would you describe it?
Martín Avendaño:
In Madhaus we make art, organise expositions and gigs.

SV: You also front Line, a very interesting band with a timeless sound. What are your main influences?
Martín Avendaño:
Line is what flows when we rescue our beginnings in skate and simple punk music, plus lysergic influences.

SV: You have only one EP. Are you planning another release anytime soon?
Martín Avendaño:
We have an upcoming album called Wild, produced by BYM Records and Astro with Nicolás Stein. We're about to put out some vinyl copies with the artwork done by myself.

SV: Finally, what other local names would you recommend?
Martín Avendaño:
La Hell Gang, Föllakzoid, Jesus Fricks, KBMD, los Chicos de Nazca, Watch Out, Tribu, El Llamado Ácido, Delta 21, Román, Nasty Time, Orlando Casablanca, Plastik Indian and Steve Talibn. Some of them are available in cassette on Psicodelik Swords.

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