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Santiago / Art + Design

Payo Sochting

The young designer tells us about his collective and murals in Santiago

August 12, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Trio Diseño: Time to Explore

Viste La Calle recommends a tiny twee boutique in Concepcion Hill

August 11, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Daga Zine

Introducing Sebastian Rodriguez and Alejandro Matamala from the acclaimed design studio Material and art zine

August 10, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Gallery: Museum of Contemporary Art in Quinta Normal

83 up-and-coming artists were selected to participate in the exhibition of future Chilean art

August 3, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design


This Steampunk graphic novel from Francisco Ortega and Nelson Daniel features Chilean history and UFOs

July 26, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Catalina Saavedra Stars in Elisa Zulueta's play Gladys

One of the most famous contemporary Chilean actresses performs in this play about family and secrets

July 20, 2011

AVATAR_PLOP!_Galeria (9)

Santiago / Art + Design


Two comic strip storytellers draw the faces of their Twitter followers

July 12, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Gato de la Suerte

Two local artists launch their beautiful fanzine about Santiago's photography and art scene... and cats

June 14, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Fabián Ciraolo's Old School Heroes

One of Chile's most cosmic and hypercolour illustrators lets us into his world

June 9, 2011

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Santiago / Art + Design

Felipe Satander

Santiago's pop artist explores textiles and hidden loneliness

June 8, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Para Que Nunca Más

The launch of a collective exhibition from Chile's young art community

June 6, 2011


Santiago / Art + Design

Tweets for Art

The new Merced Gallery in downtown Santiago announces its Tweet fest exhibition

June 1, 2011

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