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Benjamin Ossa

March 2, 2012

Ephemeral light and shadow art installations from the emerging Chilean talent

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Benjamin Ossa is a young Chilean artist making waves in the local scenes with his unique mix up of physical phenomena such as light, refraction and colour theory, geometry and patterns. Everyday occurances that we fail to observe, or stop to understand and admire. Through art installations in public and private spaces, Benjamin achieves his goal to: “Create an exchange and a community knowledge system about elemental issues of phenomenology of space, which should introduce a question or a development line that feeds and empowers theviewer in the understanding of space as a formal and cultural construction.”

Satellite Voices: What inspires you?
Benjamin Ossa:
The relentless time inspires me and how it conditions everything. Nothing is static. Also energy, oxygen, gravity, the changes of state of matter... Life, everything that happens! All I can see, experience, analyse, quantify, explain and understand. Work  inspires me, the constant learning.

SV: How would you define your work?
Benjamin Ossa:
I Intend to relate different elements, objects, environments, shapes, objects (archetypes), under a scheme of interaction, a kind of vision of space as an area of active flow and concentrated on with whom it interacts. There are no topics or speeches in which someone intends to read a line.

SV: Which has been your most exciting exhibition?
Benjamin Ossa:
This last 2011 was a peak. I had two samples that were significant to my work, I presented my new website, and participated in several group exhibitions. But Salon Tudor and Tajamar Gallery exhibitions were the most exciting. The first one at Salon Tudor with Clemente del Rio closed and oponed another stage in my career. For the first time I saw my work functioning, everything fit in a certain way, and I mean everything. The second one was at the end of the year in Tajamar Gallery, where for the first time I did a personal exhibition. The challenge was bigger, the space was very complex and the travel happens in wide space, which made it very important to project the work out in the gallery. The opening was exciting because weather conditions were very infavourable in a Saturday morning, but people still came.

SV: What are you currently planning?
Benjamin Ossa:
My second solo show to be released in December of this year at Artespacio Gallery, which keeps me very busy. It has been hard to read that space and make it work with my work, not as the previous projects, where the spaces allowed me to expand my posibilitéis. This space has a different logic and frequents a different audience too, so I had to distribute the work differently to what I have done befote, where each piece of work will work semi autonomously.

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