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Sebastian Maquieira

February 8, 2012

The South American artist obsessed with poetic-molecular constructivism

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Sebastian Maquieira is a leading Chilean artist who has exhibited his work in Santiago, New York, London, Vancouver, Buenos Aires and Lima. His particular style, defined by him as “poetic-molecular constructivism”, suggests a social and political critic through images that take on new meanings, which are understood by easy to unravel visual codes. This interview certainly shows one of those artists that achieves his social role of teaching about reality and our daily life through his work.

Satellite Voices: How did you get started in the art world?
Sebastian Maquieira:
I was born in an artistic family, my father is a poet, my mother is a painter and my older brother is a musician. Ever since I was little I was surrounded by these worlds and slowly I started to get interested in art. I found a way to express myself through images and also a way to investigate the world through them.

SV: Do you remember your first exhibition?
Sebastian Maquieira:
My first solo exhibition was in Santiago in a gallery in Bellavista and was called “Diariografias from the Ooutsider”. I was just back from New York where I worked for six months and showed the work that came out from that trip. They were paintings and paper collages and all of them talked about the visual experience of living in a strange city.

SV: What inspires you?
Sebastian Maquieira:
Inspiration is an alive and mythological word. For me, it has to do with what affects me, it’s a trance, a vision. It is also very chaotic, abstract and unpredictable. In my case, I think it relates to beauty, death and all those symbolic riddles that gravitate between these two concepts.

SV: How would you define your style?
Sebastian Maquieira:
I don’t feel in a particular style, but I could say that it relates with a poetic-molecular constructivism.

SV: In what are you now?
Sebastian Maquieira:
I am currently immersed in the exploration of materials and construction of objects that are able to expand certain ideas that I have already worked in my paintings.

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