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Bechara Baroudi

January 24, 2012

The Lebanese-Chilean artist talks about his inspirations and plans for 2012

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

Internationally emerging young artist, Bechara Baroudi has always been surrounded by art. Although he studied graphic design in Chile, Bechara has dedicated his life to painting, which has been a constant companion in his many travels around the world. His style mixes street and naive art. Through that he touches mostly a foreign audience, selling his work in cities such as Dubai, Paris, Madrid and Shanghai.

Satellite Voices: How did you start out in the world of art?
Bechara Baroudi: Ever since I remember I always painted, it fascinated me! At 15 I began to sell my paintings. Without art, I’m nothing, it is what moves me. The colours, the life, the visuals and the forms. There are also art roots from my family, as my mom and my aunts are great artists, along with my dad’s brother. Surely the reason why I actually lived art.

SV: What inspires you to paint?
Bechara Baroudi: My greatest source of inspiration comes from my travels, my moments in unique and magical places and from the contrast that I see in the cities I’ve been. A lot comes also from the Lebanon, where I’ve lived half of my life, which has been a platform for situations that fueled me with creativity. Also my trips to Asia, Polynesia, Europe, the Middle East and other places. I love to travel. It gives me a lot as a person and as a way of expressing myself and inmortalizing my art.

SV: How would you define your work?
Bechara Baroudi: My art is defined as a mix between abstract, naive, colorful, street, urban, psychedelic and Eastern art. It’s hard to put just one adjective to it, because I’ve gone through an evolution in my art styles, that have been accumulating with time.

SV: What projects do you have for 2012?
Bechara Baroudi: This year I want to do an exhibition in Chile, as I always have participated in group and low profile exhibitions. I’m also talking with European galleries to do something with them this year, but I can’t tell any details just yet. Obviously, I intend to continue painting more and more this year.

SV: Name us three artists that you admire.
Bechara Baroudi: I love Takashi Murakami. For me he is the Messiah of contemporary pop art. Also, the unique Andy Warhol, as the father of pop and superficial art as well as Mark Ryden. I love his oil paintings, his dark and magic worlds mixed with a childish touch.

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