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Tan Vargas

January 20, 2012

The local street artist is back from New York with a new exhibition

  • Text by Fer Munizaga

The young, renowned artist Sebastian (Tan) Vargas, shows us the street art that made him travel to New York City to improve his skills. Since graduating in Fine Arts from Finis Terrae University, Tan experimented with a wide range of styles, subjects, materials, and mediums, producing a vast body of work that is consistently experimental and artistically diverse. His work is currently shown at the Artespacio gallery in Santiago. 

Satellite Voices: What was your first experience with art?
Tan Vargas:
I think as a child, being good in drawing opened the door to what it might be called “art”. Then, when I got older, I started getting closer to art exhibitions and artists through my brothers. But as I remember, I was always the artist of the group, school, family…

SV: What inspires you?
Tan Vargas:
I don’t believe much in inspiration, but there are several things that motivate me, things that are present in one way or another in my daily life. I rescue ideas from the street, from advertising, film, music, human relationships and now lately especially from animals.

SV: How would you define your work?
Tan Vargas:
I don’t like to define things. To name something like my work and pigeonhole it within a particular style or movement I think is to kill any possibilities of interpretation and analysis by other people.

SV: On what are you currently working?
Tan Vargas:
I returned to Chile from New York a few months ago, where I did some artistic experiments in an art school. I just came back home in time for the opening of my new exhibition. I’m managing a couple of projects related with my paintings and I’m trying to use my summer studio as much as possible. I just rent it next to my house.

SV: And about you future plans?
Tan Vargas:
I Intend to continue mystifying myself through art, music and through my closest people. I want to travel more and get all the facilities to continue expressing myself through my painting.

SV: Which chilean artists would you highlight?
Tan Vargas:
There are many artists and many areas and styles, but I prefer to highlight the work of young and contemporary artists, such as Matias Santa Maria, Cristian Elizalde, Sebastian Maquieira and Michael Edwards among others.

Exhibition at Artespacio gallery runs from January 18 to March 1 @

Alonso de Cordova 2600, Vitacura, Santiago

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