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Catalina Bustos

December 13, 2011

The talented young illustrator is breaking out on her own

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Fer Munizaga

Wildly creative llustrator Catalina Bustos always knew she wanted to draw for a living. She illustrates for some of the most exciting local magazines such as Paula and Mujer, and alongside stores as Fes and Levi’s. Her work is everywhere you look in Santiago, being an awesome emerging talent representing the city. Her girly style combines pastel colours and sweet lines, where animals have an important presence. She also likes participating in the local blog The Youthquake, and hopes that she can open an online store with her illustrated tea cups and t-shirts soon.

Satellite Voices: When did you decide that illustration was your thing?
Catalina Bustos: I don’t know if there is an exact moment, but I remember that in school and university I was only motivated in the signatures where I had to draw. Finally at 17, I realised I wanted to do this forever.

SV: Describe your work. What is it about?
Catalina Bustos: I maily work as a freelance illustrator, basically in editorial projects and in personal work, which I usually keep at home.

SV: Tell us in what have you participated with your work?
Catalina Bustos: This year I have dedicated my time to personal drawings. Lately, I have been drawing for the local magazines Paula, Mujer, One Book, Daga and Joia, and also for the brands Fes, Barbados, and Levi’s. I always work with The Youthquake too, a local blog that writes about local trends, which is my favourite project.

SV: How was your first professional work as an illustrator?
Catalina Bustos: At first, working made me very nervous. I was never sure of what I had to do, so I used to block myself and get frustrated. I remember I read some articles of Nate Williams that helped me a lot and eventually, I felt more confident.

SV: What are your short-term plans related to your work?
Catalina Bustos: I want to finish studying soon, so that then I can have the time to illustrate more. I also want to do more zines and to open soon an online store.

SV: What do you think about illustration in Chile? Which chilean illustrator would you highlight?
Catalina Bustos: I really like what is happening in Chile in terms of illustration. Because of The Youthquake I am always searching for chilean illustrators and I've met people whom I admire greatly. If I had to name one of my favourites I would have to say Pablo Delcielo.

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