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Piña Ruda

November 22, 2011

Hand made stickers, shirts and fanzines from an awesome little studio in Santiago

  • Text by Camilo Salas

Piña Ruda means Rough Pineapple and is a studio started by a Marcelo Aliste and Constanza Figueroa who wanted to design what they couldn't find anywhere else - their own stickers, t-shirts and fanzines. They've now become one of the coolest little design studios in Santiago, and have been invited to celebrated events including Sudala 2011, one of the biggest local exhibitions of art and design.

Satellite Voices: What's Piña Ruda?
Piña Ruda: Piña Ruda was created as a hybrid between a studio and a mini editorial of art and also we design products made by ourselves. It is currently integrated by Constanza Figueroa (Kalogatia) and Marcelo Aliste (Rano), also Rosita, Blacky and Lenka, our dogs.

SV: Can you make a living of Piña Ruda?
Piña Ruda:  No. Cony is a designer and a a multi-instrumentalist, and Rano prunes trees in the shape of dolphins (that is a joke). Piña Ruda is self-financing and gives us money to buy candies.

SV: How was the approach to different design events such as Sudala 2011?
Piña Ruda: 
We have been lucky to meet a lot of cool nice people who are interested in our work, they believe we bring something to South American scene, even though we don't follow traditional ways. They support and help us, and we really appreciate that because it's difficult to carry a proyect like this without falling into non sense of fashion and friends connections. There are people like Feroces Editores, LNGCh, Comunas Unidas, TDI, Seba Acampante (Trimarchi) and Nolo (and the whole Sudala team) built up spaces and opportunities where's room for our projects and also they challenge us to improve and renew our stock.

SV: Tell us about your future plans.
Piña Ruda:  We want to increase our stickers stock, our most famous product. We want to publish more fanzines, to invite people we like, and also we would like to have our own physical store

SV: What do you think about current design in Santiago?
Piña Ruda: In general, what we found in Santiago and daliy life is pretty boring. It tends to follow fashion, it's not risky enough and it uses efects that comes with years of delay. We think there are high qualities pieces of work out there but the overall the trend is to standarise everything because obviously, it's easier to control masses in that way. We have other interests. Rem Koolhaas, our favourite architect said in an interview: "Talk about beauty and you get boring answers, but talk about ugliness and things get interesting.” And that's precisely what we pretend to follow. Luckily, we are not alone and there's a lot of designers and artists working in that line. The problem is that the first groups (fashion followers) take all the money.

SV: Which artist would you recommend us?
Piña Ruda:  Grietagarbo, Navaja and Gran Negro. 

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