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Inside/Out: Fran Meneses

September 6, 2011

The talented illustrator talks city inspirations and shows us her finest work

  • Text by Nico Castro

The young illustrator Francisca Meneses spends her time between her day job in Revista Paula and many other collaborations, including the popular women's blog Zancada. She was raised in northern city Antofagasta, but now she's having a great time in Santiago. We spoke to her about city inspirations, how she sees her work and we include a gallery of some of her finest illustrations.

Satellite Voices: What's your occupation… a) during the day & b) at night?
Fran Meneses:
During the day I work on Revista Paula's web section. But once I take the bus back home I become a freelance designer and I illustrate non stop until 10 pm. And late night I'm a mother of two really fat cats that I love, I develop my cooking hobby, update my blog ViviendoSolo.cl and catch up with Eduardo, my boyfriend.

SV: Where do you live and what inspires you about that area of town?
Fran Meneses:
I live in an old building within a beautiful and green neighbourhood. I love watching Santiago's people - how they behave on the subway, buses, parks. And even though I live in the city, my mind is in the south of this long country, where I figure I will escape someday and live in a small and humble house, drawing all day in front of a chimney and having a vegetable garden in the backyard.

SV: How long have you lived in the city and what brought you there?
Fran Meneses:
I've been here for 10 years. I was raised in Antofagasta, so in my provincial point of view, Santiago is the coolest. You can find a lot of cinemas, a wide variety of stuff, there's always something to do and, in comparison to the northern desert, there are many trees and huge parks. I love that there are also lots of coffee shops to visit, museums, libraries, theaters, cinemas.

SV: What does your city means to you?
Fran Meneses:
Stress! When I lived in province I noted that everyone was so moody, stucked on traffic and with so many problems! Even though everything works just fine here, I was surprised when I found out that it's very rare if someone stays here for his holidays - everyone loves their city, but they try to run away from it as quickly as possible when they get the chance.

SV: How would you describe your work?
Fran Meneses:
My job (or what I like to do) is pretty easy to describe: I illustrate to explain. My drawings are easy, childish, with a little bit of magic realism and a touch of humour, which I think should never be absent from any graphic media. If I make someone's day or I steal some smiles, then my work is done.

SV: Can you talk about the best creative youth cultures in your town?
Fran Meneses:
Rodrigo Canales (director), Cristián González (graphic designer) and Diego Martínez (painter).

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