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Santiago / Film

Marialy Rivas

The prodigious young Chilean filmmaker and her critically acclaimed debut feature Young & Wild

April 11, 2012

fernando milagros

Santiago / Music

Lollapalooza: Fernando Milagros

We get the inside scoop on what our favourite Chilean acts think about the about the major music festival's Santiago outpost

April 2, 2012


Santiago / Culture

Gran Avenida

Journalist Ignacio Franzani hosts the latest show on Chile's public TV channel exploring real life Santiago streets

March 28, 2012


Santiago / Fashion

Raíz Diseño

The upcoming event that looks to raise creativity within Chilean fashion

March 22, 2012


Santiago / Fashion

Antonia Salamé is Isla Bonita

The young designer who opened her own boutique within her house whilst still at college sets her sights far and wide

March 21, 2012


Santiago / Photography

Rocio Aguirre

The precocious young fashion and lifestyle photographer captures the spirit of Santiago's youth

March 20, 2012


Santiago / Music

Cholita Sound

The latest alter ego from visual artist Caterina Purdy created to escape boredom and embrace hot Latin sounds

March 14, 2012


Santiago / Fashion

Angelica Uribe

The young designer behind the homegrown MUE label talks about her inspiration and drive

March 8, 2012


Santiago / Photography

Juan Pablo Molina

One of Santiago's newest photography talents returns from China with stunning images in tow

March 7, 2012

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Santiago / Music

Santiago On Air: Roberto Parra of Fauna

An A - Z mixtape of indie classics that inspired Santiago's favourite club night and promoter

March 5, 2012


Santiago / Art + Design

Benjamin Ossa

Ephemeral light and shadow art installations from the emerging Chilean talent

March 2, 2012


Santiago / Music

Bahía Inútil

A theatrical new band escape the noise of Santiago to be inspired by the extreme south of Chile

February 29, 2012

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