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Deanna Richardson: ILEX

May 16, 2011

A contemporary photography gallery that crosses the distinction between journalistic and artistic practices

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Emilia Panni

Deanna Richardson founded ILEX, a new art photography gallery based in Rome – and since 2008, the first online gallery in Italy –, with the objective of encouraging a new model of collecting photography, by maintaining the quality of fine art photography at reasonable and affordable prices. Deanna answers a few question about her activity, unveiling her personal vision that tries to cross the distinctions between journalism and art photograpy.

Satellite Voices: Why are you interested in photography?
Deanna Richardson: I'm passionate about great images and the stories and thoughts that go into making a beautiful image. A picture is often a personal journey for the photographer, the result of years of doggedly pursuing a project. The story, the research and the perseverance it takes to continue on these journeys is a very solitary kind of poetry - that to me is inspiring. Creative contemporary photography is one of the fastest growing segments of today's art market and the least appreciated. What's fun is to bring others closer to discovering it, and hopefully, becoming inspired in turn.

SV: What was the first photo you ever collected?
Deanna Richardson: My first photograph was an image by Francesco Zizola from Uzbekistan. It's a picture of children framed by the circles of a jungle gym in a school playground. The children seem to float by suspended - it's a very Bressonian still - an image that captures the decisive moment, that fraction of a second when the facts and composition all miraculously come together.

SV: Who’s work would you recommend to check out?
Deanna Richardson: Two emerging photographers: Micheal Christopher Brown does beautiful work - capturing intimate details in unexpected places with grace and a muted discretion. And Giovanni Cocco's "Burladies" series,, is worth checking out - it's like a color-saturated peep show - a mixture of the über-macho and a girl's best friend's look into the world of burlesque.

SV: What projects are you working on at the moment and what’s next?
Deanna Richardson: Ilex will be participating at the MIA Fair in Milan. The very first Italian art photography fair, where we will be presenting Miguel Rio Branco's work, a new addition to the gallery. This Fall, we will be exhibiting again in Sao Paulo - This follows our last year's launch in Brazil, with a show that travelled to Rio, Sao Paulo and Recife.

Photo 1: © Giovanni Cooco Rock Circus
Photo 2: © Pep Bonet Scarlet Ruby
Photo 3: © Miguel Rio Branco Dois Sacos de Farinha
Photo 4: Deanna's photo portrait by Gaialight

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