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Archivio Cicconi for Alta Roma A.I. Fair 2012

January 26, 2012

An exploration of artisanal contemporary photography, myth, fashion and future at this weekend's landmark fashion event

  • Text by Tommaso Fagioli

It's all happening this upcoming weekened. Photography, art, design, publishing, music: expressions and evolutions of fashion that AltaRoma promotes with many appointments. Do not miss the innovative initiative promoted by Archive Cicconi that explores ancient printing techniques, relaunching the artisan approach to photography in the contemporaneity. Edoardo Cicconi presents a selection of images that he personally created for the show "Immagine Romana" on Sunday Januaray 29 for the A.I. - Artisanal Intelligence Fair 2012.

Satellite Voices: What have you prepared for AltaRoma?
Edoardo Cicconi:
I wanted to present the Archivio Cicconi as a brand and make some works related to craftmanship, a sort of artisanal contemporary photography. I selected three glass panes and realised three works with a printing technique that uses the old bichromate gum to present at “Artisanal Intelligenge” fair, at Tempio di Adriano.

SV: What kind of technique is it?
Edoardo Cicconi:
The bichromate gum is a deceptively simple technique but it offers endless potentials for expression. Human artisanal intervention with the use of only few elements as chromium, Arabic gum, colour, light... to ensure the irreproducibility that requires the work of art.

SV: What panes did you choose?
Cicconi Edward
: I thought of Rome: ritualiy, metaphysics, fashion. A photo from 1950 depicts a bunch of nuns in procession, where the religious and the artisanal rituals are expressed by the repetition; the Zeppelin airship flying over the Vittoriano in 1935, the proportions emphasise the empty feeling of a timeless image that encloses the past and future, like a glove near a Greek statue as in De Chirico’s paitings. Two models posing in an image dating back to 1948, hairstyles and the silhouettes that blend with their shadows.

SV: What other initiatives have been accomplished since our last interview (see here)?
Edoardo Cicconi:
The Fondazione Allori, which manages the assets, now has a scientific committee. I am very happy to collaborate with great representatives of Italian culture, and more. Then a book on the topic of "ius soli", has been published by the Foundation. The Archive has also continued to contribute to various publications and events with its images.

SV: What are the next projects to come?
Edoardo Cicconi:
My goal is to initiate a large production of fine art prints, panels and pieces of art signed Cicconi. Through the Foundation, we are planning the 2012 - 2013 calendar with various cultural activities such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, publications. It’s the year of Dragon. Plus, it’s 2012. Not much to add.

SV: The fashion week in Rome hosts a variety of events. Which one do you feel to recommend?
Edoardo Cicconi:
The different aspects of A.I. project, which really is a new idea of understanding the world of fashion. Art, fashion, publishing and the relationship with the world of craftmanship, which means skill and quality is becoming essential for new brands. I am extremely happy to be part of it.

SV: The Archivio Cicconi, as being a Roman archive, naturally holds a large section devoted to fashion. What is fashion for you?
Edoardo Cicconi:
I believe in style. Fashion is eternally a style. Today, perhaps, it’s about mixing H&M with a piece of high fashion. It is blasphemy of the costume, a continue provocation.

SV: Is there any good designers you’d wish to signalise?
Edoardo Cicconi
: Livia Lazzari, Le Gallinelle, Aroma30, Classe Artigiana Monti, Mondelliani. The creative structure of Motelsalieri represents in Rome one of the things that make me happy. If alchemy comes from the union of the elements, an artist or a designer who wants to impress or be loved, needs to offer concept where a record from Current 93 can match well with a Fellini’s movie.

SV: And a fashion photographer?
Edward Cicconi:
Recently, I was curious about Glaza Kinski. The editorials and services, are very beautiful, they are titled with name of punk, wave, industrial tracks. Coil, Malaria!, Morrissey, apparently distant, but united by photography and fashion. And Giulio Di Mauro with the PRE - Post Romantic Empire, which have portrayed these artists in person, even collaborated with them.

Archivio Cicconi - "Fotografia Artigianale Contemporanea" Sunday 29 January 2012, 11am - 8pm / Free entrance at Artisanal Intelligence Fair @

(Tempio di Adriano) Piazza di Pietra

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