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Bea De Giacomo

October 4, 2011

The photographer and co-founder of independent zine publishers rawraw edizioni release their grandest work to date

  • Text by Riccardo Lionello

Photographer Bea De Giacomo founded rawraw edizioni with Roman artist Massimiliano Bomba and have created and published almost 50 lo-fi zines, prints and a limited edition t-shirt and vinyl collaboration with our friends at NO=FI Recordings, the scene defining "Borgata Boredom". It's an inspired labour of love and we urge you to go and support!

Her latest book is entitled "Lezedunum" and complete with wax seal and original print included in its pages, it's one of the studio's most accomplished works to date. The book was commisioned by the Associazione Storico-Culturale who asked Bea to report on the maze of pre-Romanesque churches and crypts overlooking the sea, near the town of Leggiuno.

Satellite Voices: I like the way the zine is set up, especially the wax seal and the green/yellow. How important is the presentation to the solid body of work?
Bea De Giacomo: I think presentation is part of the work, it's as important as the content.

SV: I find the pictures very suggestive. Could you shed a little light on your creative process in a place like Leggiuno?
Bea De Giacomo: The most important hystorical monuments in Leggiuno are churches. I usually find churches very beautiful but very boring at the same time. So I try not to concentrate on those religious details but to look for particular details that make them more interesting to me, even though the history is so important too.

SV: I like the artistic level of your editorial work – it is comparable to that of your personal projects. Would you rather take or refuse an assignment where you may need to compromise?
Bea De Giacomo: The challenge is in this point, and it's very satisfactory when you are able to do good work that respects both your artistic feelings and the commitment needed.

SV: Your pictures have a nice cinematic feel to it. Has anyone ever invited you to work on a film? 
Bea De Giacomo: Never, but would be another good challenge!

Photo by Massimiliano Bomba

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