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Incubi et Succubi

September 21, 2011

Launch of the acclaimed Roman photographer Lele Saveri's first solo book

  • Text by Valerio Mannucci

Trailer of a short movie shot by Lele in collaboration with Giulia Maria Venturini that will be presented at the book launch

Tonight at S.T. Bookshop in Rome, there will be the launch of "Incubi et Succubi", the new book by the New York–based Roman photographer Lele Saveri. It's the first solo book by him, shot between Europe and America, it is a collection of images that draws a path through religion, folklore, obsessions and phobias. 

This visual tale combines ancient religious festivals in Sicily, haunted houses in Staten Island, different species of snakes in New Jersey, and the hidden catacombs in the Roman underworld. The title refers to the Succubus figure that guides the viewer throughout the journey, like in the mythological belief that the demons Incubus and Succubus appear in men and women’s dreams to seduce them - and then to take their souls.

Here some words by Lele about his book:

“When I first started taking pictures I was mostly into reportage and slowly I moved towards a more abstract, less informative photography. It was natural for me to merge these two different visions of reality into one. In the book I combine reportage - events in which I have no power except that of recording - and staged photos, all to tell my very own story.” 

“In Rome, where I grew up, fear has a very unique meaning. On one side is the Vatican and its constant battle against the Devil, on the other is what [Roman horror director] Dario Argento tells with his movies. I’ve always been fascinated by both. When I was a kid, my grandma scared me with stories of the monks of Saint Mary of the Prayer and Death coming out at night, in search of dead bodies of homeless people to bury in the crypt underneath their church. I never dared to go in until this year, to photograph the skulls you see in the book.”

Incubi et Succubi book launch at Wednesday September 21 @

S.T. Foto Libreria Galleria
via degli ombrellari, 25

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