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Lele Saveri

September 7, 2011

We speak to the roman photographer about his past and present obsession

  • Text by Riccardo Lionello

The artist's Tumblr states that even his cell phone images are amazing. A pretty high self appraisal, however Lele Saveri's work is rather that of a humble guy, without much artistic velleity, but committed to the craft. Lele was born in Rome in 1980, moved to London in 2001 to study and started working with Rolling Stone, Men's Vogue and Rodeo.

In 2008 he returned in Italy to work as Photo Editor for Vice Italy and then launched IthoughtIwasalone, with the intention of forming a platform to find young and talented photographers. In 2009, he was the curator of an exhibition in Milan for Sang Bleu, who he had worked with since the first issue.

Satellite Voices: Tell us two truths and a lie about you?
Lele: I really like this question. I was born in Rome. I live in NYC.

SV: Do you consider yourself an Italian photographer more than simply referring to your nationality?
Lele: I dont think so. I was born there but I left before falling in love with photography, so all I learned comes from somewhere else. Plus in 2011, with blogs and sites, I don't think there is such a thing as different style for different nationalities. 

SV: What do you feel looking at the photographs you took ten or more years ago? Can you still relate to them?
Lele: Sure I can. Some of my favourite photos are still in my old archives. I see what I was looking for in the photos, and I see how my composition rules have changed, but I can still see them as mine.

SV: When you find a place you want to shoot, do you form a pretty clear image in your head how the photograph should look like?
Lele: Sometimes I compose everything to the smallest details, and sometimes I just let the image create itself.

SV: You have recently published a book divided into three parts called "Trilogia della Morte". What's the idea behind it?
Lele: Trilogia came out last year when I was asked by a friend to make something to present at the NY art book fair. I decided to do something related to my passion for Italian horror movies, so I dedicated the titles to the trilogy of films Lucio Fulci did in the 80s. From that i got asked by Seems publishing to make a book about fear, which is now coming out in September with the title "Incubi et Succubi". To accompany the book, I also made with Giulia Maria Venturini a short movie called "To Lie Under", with original soundtrack by LA band No Age.

SV: Who should we interview next?
Lele: If you're looking for an Italian photographer, try with Lorenzo Castore. otherwise you should see what Fabrizio Corona has to say.

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