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Sexy People

August 4, 2011

A celebration of the perfect portrait since 2007

  • Text by Riccardo Lionello

"Sexy People" is a brilliantly curated collection of all those old portraits we all have tucked away in a shoebox and finally fished out thanks to the ingenious idea of the most nostalgic kid around, Renzo. It’s inevitable that many of the photos we have snapped of us today will be laughed at later in the future.

People from all over the world submit their portraits, ordered through an efficient system of labels (by decade, occasion, aesthetic characteristics of the subject...) in a pretty basic website. However, the amount of details is impressive; a great reminder that sometimes less is more when trying to capture a perfect moment in time. Satellite Voices speaks to the creator of Sexy People, Renzo.

Satellite Voices: Two truths and a lie about you.
Renzo: I really like to work, i'm quite into clothing and menswear, I have a masters in Economics. Now try to guess which one is the lie.

Satellite Voices: What are your earliest internet memories?
Renzo: Downloading Korn's "Freak On A Leash" on Napster. Looking for cool desktop wallpapers on Yahoo!

Satellite Voices: What was your favourite TV moment as a child?
Renzo: Very few things gave me the same satisfaction as watching new episodes of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" every day. The show ended right before dinner was ready, it was just perfect.

Satellite Voices: I like the way your website is set up, especially the label system of photographs. How important is presentation in your work?
Renzo: Presentation is obviously very important to me. But also not exaggerating in showing off while you do it, and keep everything in a basic yet fresh and practical way. For something like SP, a good and complete archiving method is almost everything. I mean, now that there are tons of sites that push that kind of content (even if with a very different taste, in my opinion), now that is not something "new" at all anymore, doing a big-ass and always growing archive is basically the main goal of the whole thing.

Satellite Voices: Do you like seeing yourself in photos?
Renzo: I do, if the picture is good and i like the way I look in it, pretty much like everyone else i guess. Not a big fan of sharing it just for the sake of it, or, even worse, of being in pictures that are made for that specific reason, even in general, one could say that's the main reason people take pictures. The point is that there are many different ways of sharing photos, and I find some of them really obnoxious. People should "care" more about how they put their own image around, be more "protective" in a way. And that's also why i like studio portraits and all the time and preparation it takes to make them. 

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