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Uberto Gasche

July 25, 2011

The last Roman dandy

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Giulia Ruberti

Uberto Gasche is a unique character descendent of the Italian Monarchy. He breeds dogs, photographs beautiful women and lives in Rome’s extraordinary Villa Ada – one of the city’s most beautiful parks. 

Satellite Voices: Uberto you are quite a difficult man to describe, how would you define yourself?
Uberto Gashe: The last adventurer.

SV: Looking at your photographs it is evident that women are one of your greatest passions, what is it you find most appealing about them?
Uberto Gashe: Beauty. Beauty is what attracts me immediately. Followed by what she communicates, her allure.

SV: Is there a trait you find particularly despicable?
Uberto Gashe: Well… there are many and there are none. I think you can decipher a woman quite quickly, and once you have distinguished a type you approach accordingly. It’s all about chemistry. Personally, character traits aren’t so determining. If I don’t feel physical attraction then there can’t be anything else. Obviously the ideal would be to have both - a physical and a mental connection - but from my own experience, whenever I’ve felt a very strong physical bond I’ve had a similar response mentally.

SV: According to an article that came out in 2005 in The Times, you could have been the King of England in Charles’s place. Is there anything you would have liked to do as a King?
Uberto Gashe: Many things… it’s a difficult question, and the truth is I do not want to be King.

SV: You were born in Alexandria, Egypt, and then moved to Rome with your family when you were 11. What is your relationship to this city? 
Uberto Gashe: When I arrived in Rome I moved to this magic villa located within one of the city’s biggest parks. I could hunt and I started breeding dogs. It was any boy’s dream. I still live here and I still love my house and Rome. It’s a city where you live well.

SV: Do you remember the first dog you bread? How did this passion evolve?
Uberto Gashe: The first dog I bread - when I was 11 - was a German Shepard. From that moment on I continued to breed, in particular Mastiffs and Great Danes. I prefer big dogs. Handling dogs that weigh more than you can be quite an experience.

SV: You always wear a sahariana jacket and a fez. Why?
Uberto Gashe: It’s not always the same one! I have at least 40 sahariana jackets in my closet. I have always worn them. I remember being small and visiting the Museum of El Alamein where I saw the uniforms of Italian troops and liked them. Also, they are very practical with all these pockets.

SV: And in the winter?
Uberto Gashe: I dress the same.

SV: How many dogs do you have?
Uberto Gashe: Now I have four Great Danes and three Mastiffs, but there were times when I had almost 100 dogs wandering around my house.

SV: So did you have more dogs or women in your life?
Uberto Gashe: What a question! I can only say that I’ve lived with more dogs.

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