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Bobsleigh Baby

May 10, 2011

We meet the rising stars of the Roma Est musical scene

  • Text by Flavia Ferrucci

Bobsleigh Baby are a French-Italian quartet from Rome, whose self-titled debut album came out in early 2011 on Jeektune Records. With a crazy and ironic attitude towards music and an original post-punk / garage-noise sound, they are one of the bands featured in the "Borgata Boredom" compilation, a recently released 'compendium' of the rising scene of the Roma Est neighbourhood. Mininmal drumming, post-punk basslines, a bit of reverb, boy/girl vocals and vibrant no-wave electric riffs make their music a unique gem in Rome's musical landscape. They like to descrive their own music as "idiot western garage-sound". We spoke to Emmanuel the leader and founder member of the band about their history and Rome's lively scene.

Satellite Voices: How would you describe your music?
Bobsleigh Baby:
I see and feel our music as idiotic, truly idiotic and I hope that many people share this idiocy! To try to keep as light as possible, something that might not be that 'easy' (I'm thinking specifically to noise music), turning it into a subject rather than a symbol. It could be Punk, Dada or Situationist, it doesn't matter. It's all about making music without having to prove or demonstrate anything to anyone. 

SV: How did the band come to life?
Bobsleigh Baby:
We were born a couple years ago as a garage duo. The band's bio at the time sounded more or less like: 'French-Italian Western country garage duo playing superfluous and idiotic rock'n'rolll'. It was something like that, very radical and simple. Our sound started to become very minimal and straight... peculiar, I might say. I remember a show in Rome that raised a large interest around the band. A short void followed. I spent the whole summer writing songs in a wooden house on the rooftop of a Roman apartment. The main problem is that in Rome there are very few drummers, or at least - enjoyable ones! Thankfully I found Alexandra and Silvia who proposed us to sing in the band, then Samir joined, bringing some depth to our sound with his bass. This is the current lineup of the band. 

SV: Is there something about Rome that influences or inspires your music?
Bobsleigh Baby: 
We live and met in Roma Est. It's a very active part of town, full of musicians, people that organise shows, print records, draw fanzines and album covers. Alexandra used to play in an all-girl band, The Catering and Samir, among his many projects and bands (AH Kraken, 1400 Points de Suture, Capputini’I’lignu, Kooligans) plays drums in Trans Upper Egypt, a side project we share.

SV: Any local artists or musicans you'd like to recommend?
Bobsleigh Baby: The scene is evolving, until a few years ago there were many closed 'genres' that didn't communicate with each other, it seemed to me that rock'n'roll was reduced to a humorless and way too serious punk-rock or hardcore. Right now there are many bands with different and innovative sounds (Thee Dements, Number 71, Kooligans, Contro, System Hardware Abnormal, Grip Casino), new labels like the Bubca Records and alternative festivals like the Baba Festival. Basically what has been recently defined as "Borgata Boredom" with the No-Fi Recording label.

SV: What's next?
Bobsleigh Baby: Two festivals, Bob Corn's Musica Nelle Valli in late May and the Here I Stay in Sardinia in July, they're both important events for our kind of music. And we're always writing new songs...

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