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Rome On Air: System Hardware Abnormal

February 29, 2012

The Roma Est and Borgata Boredom legend and radical Roman electronic artist shares his musical vision of Rome

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Toni Cutrone

System Hardware Abnormal is one of the projects of a famous/infamous nice guy from Roma (Est). He's one of the most important figure in the so named Borgata Boredom scene: active musican and organiser/promoter of shows, eclectic drawer (part of the Paalude crew) and connected with several roman bands such as Maximillian I, Hiroshima Rocks Around, Creapopolvsqve, Acchiappashpirt, OXO and many others...

For his On Air mix that he's dubbed "Roma Caput Mixdown" it's his historic view of Rome and our city's music - good and bad influences... here's System Hardware Abnormal describing the mix.


The Capital city: sadly infamous as the headquarter of the Italian parliament, place where the Pope lives and where the political power is strictly connected with organised crime. A chaotic city with random people from all over the world living in. This mixtape has a selection of random (as this city) songs of Roman (or based near Rome) musicians/bands from the 60s until now. Some of 'em are part of the history of the Italian pop music, others just hide in a dark shade. There are always kind of "music suburbs". Before James Ferraro there's Alessandroni, before Umberto we had Simonetti and the Goblin.

Enjoy it and "forza Roma"!

Check out the full On Air mixtape series with our partners Mixcloud

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