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Community: Vincenzo Loveless

February 9, 2012

A local spotlight on a very active figure of the Roman underground club scene

  • Text by Valerio Mannucci

Vincenzo Loveless is one of the best known figures of the Roman underground club scene. He has a real job during the day, but his true nature usually comes out when the sun is down. He's very active as a DJ and organizes his own night, which is an unmissable event for the lovers of disco.

Satellite Voices: What is your background and why did you choose Rome to live?
Vincenzo Loveless: Until the age of 19 I lived in a village near Taranto, in Apulia, where during the 90s there was a small indie turmoil. I grew up listening to Stereolab, Madonna, Sonic Youth, Prince and the whole British scene of those years. I made my first experiences as a DJ when I was already in high school. In 1998 I moved to Rome to study. Over time I realised that, despite it's many flaws, I began to love this city, especially finding my places and creating my own spaces. I ran away several times, I abandoned, I hated, but in the end, I always came back!

SV: What’s your occupation... a) during the day & b) at night?
Vincenzo Loveless: During the day I work in Rai (Italian public television) and during the night I am a DJ. In particular, I'm resident at Amygdala and I organise my evenings at Fanfulla 101. Which is in my opinion one of the most interesting clubs of the Roman scene. This year the event is called Dreams and happens monthly basis. The name was inspired by the type of music I love to play, very dreamy and romantic. I have often thought about how to define the sound that I play and I think maybe the most appropriate name could be sad-disco. All that referring to the fact that although the traces are often danceable, the rhythms have always a dreamy and sad soul.

SV: Where do you live and what inspires you about that area of town?
Vincenzo Loveless: I live in east Rome at Portonaccio. East Rome has always been my place since I started living in this city. I have always loved popular neighbourhoods with a multicultural presence, it makes the atmosphere more exciting.

SV: What’s a dream project for the future?
Vincenzo Loveless: Given the uncertainty about the future is difficult, but amongst other things I think I would love to live for a while in New York.

SV: Who’s music would you recommend on checking out?
Vincenzo Loveless: Recently, I am very fascinated by Gauntlet Hair, Moon Duo, John Maus, Peaking Lights and Crystal Stilts, talking about the American scene. In the European scene: Little Dragon, Maria Minerva and The Sound of Arrows.

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