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February 6, 2012

The energetic Roman garage punk duo unveil their latest video for 20.000 $

  • Text by Flavia Ferrucci

Everything you need to know about this band is in the name. Wildmen are a crazy garage duo that in little time have gained a lot of popularity both in Italy and abroad. Introducing their latest video "20.000 $" we speak to Giacomo and Matteo about their raw and lo-fi sound and what's good or bad in the music scene of the city. 

Satellite Voices: Describe the Wildmen sound.
Wildmen: Our sound is a mix of something raw, rude and pop at the same time. When we go to our rehearsal room at night, the neighbours call the cops. They come knocking, both pissed and a little curious.

SV: If your music was a movie, what genre would it be?
Wildmen: Definitely an amateur porn.

SV: You play many shows, and your ideal dimension is definitely live. What's your favourite club in Rome? And in general, the best one you've played so far?
Wildmen: Rome is terrible for live music. It's a shame that there are very few places to play in such an important city. It's actually disconcerting if you add the fact that there is very little respect for musicians in most of them. However, there are good places managed with the right attitude, such as DalVerme, Fanfulla and 30 Formiche. We don't like to play in Rome. Many people arrive late and others just stare at you motionless, with their arms crossed Best place we've played so far: Berlin's Bassy Club.

SV: Do you feel part of a local scene? Any local bands you appreciate?
Wildmen: We think that bands like Capputtini 'I lignu, Bobsleigh Baby, Intellectuals, Trans Upper Egypt, Heroin in Tahiti, Demons, Tarsvs and Giuda have something to say. But there's no local scene, really. Sadly it's a miracle to find a good show on a weekend and to find people there. 10-years-ago there was a vivid Roman punk scene. Now those people have grown up and have families, which is normal. But no one took their place. Our own peers would rather be on Facebook or go to a dance rather than pick up an instrument and play.

SV: One of you is Roman, the other one is Roman by adoption. Is there something about the city that inspires you?
Wildmen: We draw inspiration from the hate we feel towards the assholes of this city. But we are also positively affected by older people, such as the ones you can find sitting at the San Calisto tables in the afternoon. We have a love-hate relationship with Rome. It's truly inspirational at night, with its breathtaking spots and deserted streets. A smoke at the forums while the sun rises and then heading to the Portaportese market is our ideal after-party. 

SV: Let's talk about Psych-Out!
Wildmen: Psych-Out! is the event we organise. We wanted to go old school: decent price, no lists, door selection or other bullshit. Only loud volumes, lots of alcohol and great music. But people don't seem to care about something like this. Where has rock 'n' roll gone in this city? They just keep on complaining but do nothing while the cultural level of the city lowers down. 

SV: The video for "20.000 $" just came out. What's next?
Wildmen: We're writing songs for our first LP which we will record in April. And we're shooting a second video and of course we'll keep on playing. In late March we'll tour around Italy and in April we'll be at a garage / punk festival in Spain.

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