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Palm Wine Tonight at Fanfulla

January 27, 2012

The new project from Simone Bertuzzi, co-founder of the Italian group Invernomuto

  • Text by Valerio Mannucci

Palm Wine is the last project of Simone Bertuzzi, mostly known for his work in the field of contemprary audio-visual art. In 2003 he co-founded a group called Invernomuto, one of the few projects in Italy that has always worked very smartly on the insidious edge of contemporary art and experimental music. It's kind of hard to give specific definition for his personal interests, as Simone himself says "I tend to overlap all my activities".

Tonight, Friday at Fanfulla, here in Rome, he's going to present a tape made in collaboration with DJ/rupture and Maga Bo: an unusual – but presumably very interesting – split-tape that is basically the result of a research trip to Morocco.

Satellite Voices: What's Palm Wine, and how did it start?
Simone Bertuzzi: Palm Wine started as a blog in 2009, I described it as: "a possible and distant look at the post-global movement of sounds and imageries, even dazed by alcohol vapours". Palm Wine for me is a reason to do research, that's why it became for example a workshop I run last year in Milan at Kaleidoscope Project Space where I presented five lectures, each one on a specific theme, the first one was titled "The Scramble for Vinyl". Palm Wine is also the name I use to DJ.

SV: What about the specific tape/project your are going to present on friday?
Simone Bertuzzi: "Dreamachine / Beyond Digital Mix" is a C60 tape I've released after a trip to Morocco attending at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones Festival 2009. The side A contains "Dreamachine" - a 30 min mix by Palm Wine made out of field recordings collected during the three days festival and in Tangier souk. The side B is an exclusive mix done by DJ/rupture and Maga Bo, part of their project "Beyond Digital - Morocco", which combines different musical styles: from autotuned Moroccan chaabi and traditional Andes songs to mexican tribal guarachero, and so on. Friday I'll spin some records with DJ Iron Bunda, but of course it'll be possible to buy the tape!

SV: Any upcoming projects?
Simone Bertuzzi: I would like to keep on a project in Barranquilla, Colombia, about the 'cultura picotera', the tradition of soundsystem in the Costa Atlàntica. The picó culture run more or less parallel to dancehall and soundsystem culture in Jamaica, but has no specific connection to it. In Colombia every soundsystem is decorated with drawings and icons whose define the identity of the picó. I commissioned my own picó, a 'replica', how they call it, basically a miniature of the huge 80s sounds. I'm working on a publication about that incredible culture.

On the other hand, I'm part of the scientific board of a project which will take place from February to May 2012 at La Triennale, Milan. I'll be the music curator, more info about it soon…

Palm Wine, tonight Friday January 28 at Fanfulla @

Via Fanfulla da Lodi

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