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Giorgio Mortari: C'era Una Volta a Roma

October 4, 2011

We speak to the main behind Dissonanze on Red Bull Music Academy's latest Roman cult audio visual extravaganza

  • Text by Tommaso Fagioli

"C'era una volta a Roma" ("Once Upon a Time in Rome") is one of the unique events organised by Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, tonight celebrating the great composers of Italian 60s and 70s cult movies, from Ennio Morricone to Luis Bacalov, Piero Umiliani, Piero Piccioni, Carlo Savina and the Goblin. Twenty-four scores were selected and performed by a 52-piece orchestra at Auditorium Parco della Musica (Sinopoli Hall): a tribute to a generation of musicians and filmmakers who continue to influence popular culture on a global scale.

The art direction of "C'era una volta a Roma" has been entrusted to the creators of Superfly, the celebrated hip hop culture magazine (currently suspended, yet ongoing as creative factory) founded by Silvia Volpato and Davide Nerattini. They worked with the Roman composer Massimo Nunzi responsible for the music transcription (many scores were lost or non-existent). With special guests from the world of jazz, rock, electronic and classical music, like Giuliano Palma, Naked Music and legendary hip hop roman band Colle der Fomento, showcasing a vivid revival of this musical patrimony. Milanese artist Luca Barcellona brought the art of calligraphy alongside Sean Martin’s 2D/3D graphics, another long-standing name in the hip hop scene. Dissonanze collaborated on bringing it all together and Satellite Voices spoke to the founder of the legendary electronic festival.

Satellite Voices: Some people see Red Bull Music Academy as a "school for DJs" and this is very different...
Giorgio Mortari: 
The main stem of RBMA is undoubtedly linked to club culture, but it’s already been a while since it stared to give it a deeper and more mature interpretation. The Academy is now a network that extends from Cologne to all over the world reaching young people through all aspects of electronic culture. C'era una volta a Roma is the Italian stage of a tour that touches nice other countries. Each local organiser was asked to interpret the spirit of music for which its own country is recognised worldwide.

SV: How did this project start?
Giorgio Mortari: 
Cinema has always been an important vehicle for the promotion of the heritage of Italian music and culture in the world. The polizziottesco, the horror and the comedy have had a huge influence and still are a reference point for today’s features. Just look at Quentin Tarantino's productions. The Academy has decided to reinterprets this heritage in terms both visual and auditory.

SV: What was the contribution of Dissonanze for an event of this magnitude?
Giorgio Mortari: 
Dissonanze is now a creative factory and the partnership with Red Bull dates back more than six years ago. It had a very important role in the growth of the festival. After one decade of successful events I decided to put an end to that format, but the collaboration has continued. In this specific case with C'era una volta a Roma, we  took care of the production and promotion of the event.

SV: What kind of criteria was adopted for the selection of music?
Giorgio Mortari:
 The artistic direction has done a great job offering musicians and illustrators with a strong ideological and philosophical continuum with that atmosphere and that world. The music pieces were chosen with varied criteria, but the main idea was to create a kind of mixtape or a very rich radio show with music played in real time.

@ Auditorium Parco della Muscia, Viale Pietro de Coubertin

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