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Gabriele Litta & Ludovico Milani

February 10, 2012

Metaphoric designs from the Italian design duo as seen at AltaRoma

  • Text by Flavia Ferrucci

We met Gabriele Litta and Ludovico Milani, the creative duo behind Pesce&Patata at the A.I. Fair at this year's inspiring AltaRoma festival. The won the first prize of the "Rome's Accademia di Costume e Moda Talents 2011" in the category Final Project Work. Now in this very new year, they presented a preview of their line of exclusive accessories for the CorsoGaribaldi brand, as well as a selection of their unique creations. Refined detailing and dynamic lines are the main features of the subversive style.

Satellite Voices: Let's talk about your collaboration. How and when did you start working together?
Pesce&Patata: We met in 2006 at the Academy of Costume and Fashion where we both were studying. We begun to collaborate on various projects. We also took separate creative paths in companies such as Galliano and MaxMara, where we were able to learn more about the commercial aspects of fashion design. We finally decided to work together for good after graduation, with the conception of our first collection. The name Pesce&Patata is an intentionally ridiculous and meaningless name, but behind the light name lies extreme creativity and hard, full time work. 

SV: The works you exposed at A.I. revolved around the concept of Metamorphosis, each piece can be transformed into something else. What inspires you the most and how do you "materialise" your influences in the clothes?
Pesce&Patata: Both visceral and external influences are sources of inspiration. We always start by trying to narrate a mythical, often surreal story. We then apply those ideas, through a detailed study and intensive research, to clothes-concept-structures that often lose the common function of clothes as such, turning into something powerful and imaginative. 

SV: Is there any kind of material or fabric that you prefer to use?
Pesce&Patata: We love to experiment, especially with materials. We're constantly researching new ways to to work on common fabrics or trying to come up with somethng that doesn't exist yet. For example liquid latex, in which we include decorative elements as sacred images, lace, dried flowers, colors and threads. In any case I think that out peculiar trait is the combination of our experimentations with classic and precious materials such as traditionally masculine fabrics (as wool, heavy cashemere) and extremely feminine ones (fluid silks, gentle cottons and intangible and transparent ones). 

SV: If you could choose a real or imaginary figure to wear your creations, who would it be?
Pesce&Patata: It would be more something than someone, also a world not a figure. It'd be a sensation, an emotion. Goddesses, or metamorphic beings in constant evolution, things that bring themselves and those around them to change and evolve.

SV: What are you working right now and what's next?
Pesce&Patata: Right now we're presenting our collections at various fairs and exhibitions. The next stop will be at the Milan Fashion Week in late February where we were invited to exhibit. We'd like to keep this project on a more etilist side. We don't feel the need ot a mass production for our creations, it would make them lose their strenght. We'd like to work between two worlds, maybe transfering our ideas in more commercial projects as external consultants. That's why we are launching a sophisticated and experimental accessories collection for the Corso Garibaldi brand.

We previewed some of the products during the A.I. Fair and it gained an enthusiastic consensus among and outside the industry. We're very happy that such a leading brand chose two young creatives like us. This makes us hope that there's still a chance (given the right connections) for those willing to work, create and experiment. 

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