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February 1, 2012

A spotlight on the breakthrough young Roman fashion brand

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest feature by Ilaria Gianni

Laisylab (Leyla Hlaihel and Silvia Cervellin) is more than a creative and original fashion brand, it's a philosophy which suggests a new dimension in which to experience the act of dressing. Laisylab interweaves – both physically and conceptually - different times and stories in garments fitting contemporary desires. Abandoned and displaced old laces, silks, buttons, feathers, garnishes place themselves on t-shirts, bags, dresses activating their lost function and bringing them to new existence. Every single item is manually customized and holds a different tale, an original and secret narrative belonging to a past epoch.

Satellite Voices: Although there might be a simpler story behind your title, pronouncing it always makes me think about a lazy lab, reflecting a kind of philosophy and style, in contrast to the demanding and fast paced one of the fashion system. Does this theory correspond in any way to your spirit?
The idea of the name is actually very simple, it's Layla and Silvia joined together. We liked the result because it makes you think of slowness. A slowness that refers to the amount of time that each of our creation needs, unlike the fashion system and its fast production that usually places quality as a lower priority. 

SV: Who are your creations addressing and who is your ideal customer?
Laisylab: Our creations are for whoever wants to dress up in a refined and special way, that wants to differentiate from the mainstream, and that also wants to underline their personality taking part in the creative process. We don’t have an age or type of women target, but our client is definitely someone who wants to look original.

SV: Which materials do you prefer using and where do you hunt them out?
Laisylab: We prefer to use unique materials, digging them up in markets or abandoned attics. Materials that have stories to tell.

SV: Who do you take inspiration from? Which historical period have you been mostly fascinated by?
Admiring creations from the past made our love for fashion grow, especially those from the first decades of the 20th Century, where the hand made embroidery and detail was of great importance.

SV: What is a must have item in anyone’s wardrobe?
Laisylab: A black high waist skirt is a must have.

SV: Which kind of influence - if any - does Rome, its suspended temporal dimension have on the way you approach your ideas and work your models out?
We've been influenced by the laid back mood you find in Rome and above all by the importance of certain historical elements that surround you in this city everyday. So our association with the past depends on the fact that we live in such a historical place that we love dearly!

SV: Where can we find your Laisylab’s collection?
At the moment our line is being sold online and at Mononoke Shop in Frascati, but we are widening our distribution. You can check out our blog for updates.

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