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ProviderMag's Fabrizio De Lucia

March 9, 2012

We talk with the editor in chief of Italy's leading street culture zine about the creative turmoils of the city.

  • Text by Flavia Ferrucci

A passion turned into a full-time occupation. Fabrizio launched ProviderMag six-years-ago, in a time when there was little and vague information about streetwear in Italy. Soon Provider became one of the most important Italian online zines in the field of urban culture, a true reference point for local and international enthusiasts of the genre. Deeply rooted in the city's creative activities and nightlife, we talked with Fabrizio about the local turmoils - on which he has a privileged point of view.

Satellite Voices: Six years of Provider. What has changed in this time? How are going to move the site forward?
Fabrizio De Lucia: Well everything has changed. The sneaker world and street culture changed radically in the past few years. The evolution of networks and the ease of launching a product, becoming a blogger, getting a digital camera to document every (irrelevant) outfit and moment has changed it all. When I started there were just a few collaborations, of high quality, extremely desirable, that really let you appreciate the work of the artists chosen by the brands. Those collabs were actual opportunities to know new or established names in street art and culture. There were very few sites where to gather informations from.

Today it's like a long, badly scribbled shopping list. Yet this is all so fascinating to me, in a different way, sure, but I can't let it go. From an editorial point of view, ProviderMag is evolving. We used to focus on single posts to report on latest brand news and collections, but now we're focusing more on in-depth features. The aim is to diversify ourselves from those who start new projects without havin even if just a little background. We're also launching  some contests open to photographers and designers but it's not yet the time to disclose more informations on that. The intent is to attract new readers and to lure back those we might have lost in these years. 

SV: Is there anyone you'd love to interview?
Fabrizio De Lucia: Definitely Pharrell Williams, he inspired my style change years ago and led me to explore the world of street-cutlure through his music. And of course I'd love to interview Nigo, or better, I'd love to spend some time with him to see and breathe the life of a man of his caliber.

SV: Describe us the type-reader of Provider.
Fabrizio De Lucia: A boy aged 18 to 25, fond of sneakers and fashion. A trendsetter among his peers. A curious person with a great interest in a culture that's widely absent in our country. It's the reason why I've been working hard on Provider. Someone who can be seen in limited edition sneakers and a Supreme sweatshirt one day and wearing a Chambray shirt and brogues the next one. Someone who's constantly changing in appearance and truly consistent deep inside.

SV: Pick your favourite place, figure and Roman activity.
Fabrizio De Lucia: Place: definitely Rione Monti, my small town within the city. There's a very special atmosphere, it reminds me of Shoreditch. A figure… Rise Above. We became friends after I fell in love with his art, and he's a very strong character, whose work is evolving more and more. My favourite activity takes place in my "home" with George at Abak, every Tuesday night. Ten years of L-ektrica, never a disappointment.

SV: Are there any local brands we should keep an eye on?
Fabrizio De Lucia: Rome is moving in a very good direction in this field. I pleasantly support the work of Bakuto, mostly cause of the careful selection of materials they have behind every garment. But above all I appreciate the vast knowledge at the base of their work, they're not amateurs. 

SV: Who or what should we look forward to in 2012? Musicians, artists, any particular event?
Fabrizio De Lucia: I think we'll see a consecration of OFTWGA'S Frank Ocean this year. He's the most pop figure of the crew and has already gained a vast recognition. If I had to pick a local name, I'd choose roman audiovisual band Frank Sent Us. Among the artists I'd suggest Hitnes, one of the most interesting in the Italian art scene. As for the events, we're preparing Sneakers, which we'll launch in summertime and it's sure to please our readers. In the near future the special L-ektrica Spring Attitude and definitely the 2012 edition of MIT festival. 

Photo by Antonio Guzzardo

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