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Occupy Teatro Valle's Permanenze & Valerio Vigliar

February 13, 2012

The Roman musician and composer directs a week of art events for the Teatro Valle creative protests

  • Text by Tommaso Fagioli

About seven-months-ago, on June 14 2011, a hundred people of the autonomous collective of “Workers of the arts and entertainment” entered in the historic Teatro Valle in the centre of Rome, to kick off an occupation that was going to last for only three days. The protest was directed against the repeated cuts to the culture determined by the previous government and the logic of party-led clientelism considered inadequate to manage the delicate field of Roman (and Italian) creative and artistic heritage. It was a symbolic occupation rather than political, with the aim of raising public awareness, on the umpteenth culture emergency in our country.

The form of protest was not limited to the sole occupation of space but has been turned into a constructive and proactive event, such as making the Teatro Valle an environment for preparing and educating people to professions related with entertainment. Cultural initiatives have multiplied - with daily updates of the website that regularly informed about new projects and ideas.

In October, the occupants have also issued a 'draft statute" for an upcoming Fondazione Teatro Valle – Bene Comune (Teatro Valle  - Common Good Foundation) to prevent what is considered a very common heritage to end up becoming a private investment. You can read the full story here. 

Among other initiatives, the most innovative and constructive in the statute is "Permanenze", a sort of “call to arts” which involves individual actors, artists, musicians and theatre companies to contribute with their inputs to improve and sustain the creative protest. Each of them is entrusted with the thematic art-direction for three, five or ten days during which the Occupy theatre hosts open rehearsals, workshops and meetings, screenings, concerts and art sessions. For the ninth chapter of the "Permananace" series, the stage will be entirely organised by one of Satellite Voices’s favourite musicians and friend, Valerio Vigliar. The versatile Roman musician set up a multi-sensory show in style, starting tomorrow and running through to February 19. A week of music interwoven with the other arts, and the presentation of his brand new two albums, “L’Eternità” and “Dopo Il Silenzio”, as the perfect aural complement of all the ballet, photography and drawing events to show that music is the “immaterial hub” of all arts. 

Among the different events, we want to highlight the big multimedia show scheduled for Saturday 18. An event that the Roman musician has organised together with the photographer and visual artist Arash Radpour, another great creative that Satellite Voices has already had the pleasure of talking about. The entire theatre will be transformed into an art installation where the elements of creation, water, fire, earth, air will join the music of “L’Eternità” in a primordial fusion of sounds, images and dance.

"L’Eternity" is the result of a compositional research that has lasted for over four years. This is a collection of instrumental pieces - sonatas, choral, preludes and fantasies - whose "form never follows the academic structures of classical scores but built only through what the song intimately needs"

Both Valerio Vigliar's albums are available on iTunes from February 14. CD covers and image of Valerio Vigliar by Arash Radpour

Website, image and social media by Kwaaui and Mariangela Salafia. 

Valerio Vigliar's Permanenze opens February 14, 9pm @

Teatro Valle

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