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Satellite Voices Worldwide: Toni Cutrone of DalVerme

January 10, 2012

Closing round robin interviews with our local editors pitching questions to each other from around the globe

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Toni Cutrone is the mayor of Rome when it comes to the best down and out drinking dens, DIY noise and underground art shows, food parties and durge, sludge metal. Running NO=FI Recordings (who released the scene-defining Roma Est "Borgata Boredom" compilation) as well as the DalVerme bar / gallery / club house - his guest editor column for Satellite Voices goes in deep behind the scenes. Watch out for much more from Toni, NO=FI and DalVerme for 2012.

Nico Castro (Santiago): If you could go to any of the other seven cities in SV to spend your holidays, where would you go?
Toni Cutrone: I would go in all the other seven cities!

Kate Hazell (Dubai): What's your city's best kept secret?
Toni Cutrone: Only the Pope knows...

Sylvia Weber (Munich): Where do you meet the most interesting mix of people in town?
Toni Cutrone: Rome is a big mix of different sort of people, expecially because of millions of tourists coming every year in every month! But the most mixed and disparate area in town is for sure Pigneto, in the east of Rome. People coming from all over the world live in the same neighbourhood - meeting at the street market in the morning, a nice little restaurant for lunch, having a walk and an "aperitivo" in the late afternoon, going around for bars and clubs in the night!

Karchun Leung (Shanghai): Where is the most secret place for you to hide yourself in the city?
Toni Cutrone: It's hard to find a secret place in Rome; but i would choose the Caffarella park to hide myself! in a forest or behind an old Roman ruin.

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