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Valerio Vittozzi

June 3, 2011

3D graffiti with the Roman artist and photographer

  • Text by Terence Teh

Valerio Vittozzi has a graphic style indebted to his background and passion as a Roman graffiti artist whose new work as a digital artist explores his self dubbed, shape anatomy projects. Evolving graffiti into 3D realms, Valerio is one to watch. "My works mainly consists in combining 3D graffiti designs with different contexts and environments, such as underground landscapes, classical sculptures and pencil drawings," he explains. "In particular, I'm carring forward this project where classical monumental sculptures are mixed with these 3D graffiti structures, creating an armony between old and modern."

Satellite Voices: Please introduce the beginnings of your art career?
Valerio Vittozzi: After graduation I started working as a graphic designer and then art director. The necessity to express myself without the limits of clients and brands brought me to develop a personal artistic project (I called it "Shape Anatomy"). My graffiti background inspired my works and I always wanted to evolve this passion with technology.

SV: How would you describe your style of work?
Valerio Vittozzi: I'm definitely influenced by historical monuments I'm surrounded by in Rome, I always try find a link between ancient and present day, breaking the boundaries between them. This concept is even more evident when I add old frames to the prints; I paint these Baroque frames with very bright colours making the contrast more clear.

SV: Where do you live in Rome inspires you about that area of town?
Valerio Vittozzi: The area where i'm living is not particularly inspiring. But my passion for urban photography always pushes me to new undiscovered places.

SV: What does your city mean to you?
Valerio Vittozzi: The relationship between me and my city is an alternate of love / hate. I love some underground landscapes which are source of daily inspiration, I love to discover new districts and hidden locations. I love the history that you can only find in Rome and nowhere else on this planet. In general, the beauty of my city never stops to amaze me. On the other hand, I hate the crowds, the pollution, the endless lines of traffic jams...

SV: How does this translate into your art?
Valerio Vittozzi: This attraction I have for the underground, the outskirts and concrete is pretty clear in the background of the series "Street Evolution". All of them belong to different cities (San Francisco, Berlin, Rome) and every time I visit a new city I go forward with my research. This passion brought me to develop a strong analogue and digital photography skill, which i use for my illustrations.

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