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Ludovic Zuili

May 18, 2012

A Roll A Week from the acclaimed Parisian photographer

  • Text by Christophe Victoor

Ludovic Zuili is a photographer and filmmaker whose work for the likes of Purple Magazine have seen him shoot fashion with a unique documentarian's eye. He's recently exhibited in Brussels and Zurich with support from the clothing brand BWGH who helped introduce Zuili to agents in Shanghai for an upcoming project entitled "Eight Ways to Die" exploring immersive scenography. He's also well known for his intimate ARAW photography project that transcends his beautiful viewpoint of Paris at large...

Satellite Voices: What is your background?
Ludovic Zuili: I was about 18 when I did my first exhibition. It was in my parent's house, now when I think about it I think it was "cute". When I was younger I got this unlimited cinema card and I was going to the movies almost every day. That's when I decided I wanted to become a director. I think that's why people often say my photography is very cinematographic. Film influences my work a lot, filmakers I love would be Steve McQueen, Park Chan-Wook, Na Hong-Jin, Kim Jee-Woon, Jhonnie To.

SV: Can you tell us about the ARAW project?
Ludovic Zuili: ARAW stands for A Roll A Week. It's a challenge I gave myself because I felt I wasn't taking enough pictures, I always had those big series idea that needed a lot of time to prepare and shoot, so I needed a project I could work on daily. It all started thanks to my friend photographer Sophie Arancio who gave me an old Olympus MJU II. I missed film photography, and I think it's just a perfect way to force yourself to be more demanding with yourself.

That's when I had the idea, a roll is not so much work in a week but you have to keep it in your mind, go out to find subjects, be more attentive to the light, the weather. With ARAW, I think I'm now more connected to reality, more aware of what's around me. Since I strarted the blog I haven't been stuck once with an unfinished roll, I hope it'll continue like that for a long time. 

SV: How are you inspired by Paris?
Ludovic Zuili: When I first showed the blog to a friend of mine he told me something I hadn't foreseen: "It's funny because when I look at your website I almost think you're living in the US or around, whereas your blog is really Parisian, it's a very personal vision of Paris." Paris is the city I live, I can't avoid it, it's just part of the project as my travels, my life, my friends are part of the project.

SV: What other projects are you working on?
Ludovic Zuili: I'm finishing writing the screenplay of my first short film. I'm also preparing a new photo series that will be called "FACE(S)", portraits of people I like, admire. I've been working with Purple Magazine on several fashion projects that are going to be released soon. I'm co-directing a show for Canal Street with my associate Simon Bouisson (we form the duo SANDL), the show's name is "Canal Street Fighters". And many other things I can't talk about right now!

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