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Bastien Lattanzio: All I Wanted To Tell You

January 30, 2012

The fashion photographer reinvents poetic postcards

  • Text by Violaine Schutz

With emails and smartphones, we all have forgotten the pleasure to receive a real letter. Luckly, the always bery inspired Bastien Lattanzio has just created a collection of eight paper postcards where landscapes meets lyrics. You just have to find the perfect people to send it.

Satellite Voices: How does this project come?
Bastien Lattenzio:
One day, recently, I was thinking: "What do you want to do now, where do you want to be now?" and the answer was: "I want to watch the sunset, listening music and thinking of her". I was and I'm still listening all the same songs, on repeat, I'm so obsessed by them... I can't take off thoses lyrics out of my head. I have tatooed some Joy Division's lyrics on my skin... Two weeks ago I was in California, driving during the magic hour, listening the same songs and at some point, I just saw this incredible sunset with all thoses birds flying to my direction. I stopped the car and started to shoot, maybe five or six rolls, it was so magic. The car's doors were opened and I could listening to the music at the same time. So it was important to me to materialize all thoses words at this magic moment. And the postcards seemed to me to be the good medium to say: "All i wanted to tell you, but that someone has already written for someone else". I would love to receive a postcard with: "No one is ever gonna love you more than I do" on it.

SV: How did you choose the songs?
Bastien Lattenzio:
It was pretty easy, it was the song that I listen when I come come back drunk at home. And the lyrics that I always want to text to a girl but I never did...

SV: What is the best letter you ever received?
Bastien Lattenzio:
It was an answer to a love letter that i wrote to my ex-gilrfriend. It was only "Me too". I though "Me too" wass the best expression ever, better than "I love you" which is just a weird way to ask... "Do you love me too?"

Available here online and at OFR @

20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars
75003 Paris

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