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Yann Stofer

November 28, 2011

The indie rock don from Adam Kesher and his moonlighting gig as a fashion photographer

  • Text by Celine Puertas

Yann Stofer is known as a member of the Parisian indie rock band Adam Kesher, but is also a super talented photographer. Capturing life on the road as well as friends, fashion editorials and artists' portraits for the likes of Glamour, Clark, Fool House and Le Coq Sportif, Yann Stofer's work is both intimate and still, natural yet charasmatic. He's recently shot two brilliant landscape images for a special Posterism edition of Kaiserin magazine, the bi-annual for emerging creative talent.

Satellite Voices: When did you start with photography?
Yann Stofer: I borrowed an old automatic camera from my grandmother when I was 11 or 12-years-old. I never told her​ but I broke it. It was black, grey and orange, but I forgot its name. I terribly wasted films at first. It took me many years before I understood that there was an f-stop and speed...

SV: Did you want to be a photographer when you were younger?
Yann Stofer: I was only thinking of playing music when I was younger, which I did. But naturally, I was shooting everyday, and I transformed my diary with pictures. That the way photos came and stayed in my life, and today more than ever.

SV: How would you describe your work?
Yann Stofer: Sensitive... I like real life, no preparation, travelling with friends, having time, looking for unknown places.

SV: What inspires you?
Yann Stofer:
I don't think about inspiration, everything that gives me emotion from films, paintings, people. They all transform my life and myself. i hope to keep living like this, I hope life will continue to inspire me.

SV: Do you admire other photographers' work?
Yann Stofer:
Of course yes, most of them are really famous but also looking on the web, it's awesome how many talented young photographers we can see. And I really like having time to look for amazing prints too.

SV: Are you proud of one picture you've made in particular?
Yann Stofer:
I'm not especially proud of my pictures. Maybe the ones of my Grandma, the wonderful and amazing Coco because they translate all the deep love I have for her.

SV: Can you highlight some of your favourite recent projects?
Yann Stofer: With Julien Magre, a series in Picardie. We began last year, and we plan to do it once a year, you can check it on my website. I also shot two posters for a special issue of Kaiserin magazine, Posterism. I really love this magazine, and I'm really proud to have the chance to show my work in it.

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