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Yves Drillet

November 28, 2011

The young photographer talks about his work, Matthew Frost and inspiration

  • Text by Violaine Schutz

At only 21 years-old, the photographer Yves Drillet has already worked for Dazed & Confused, Kaugummi, YBDPT, Kult, HUH and more. He also runs Honnête Magazine, lives between Paris, Nice and Rennes, and is currently studying in Villa Arson. An eye to watch for 2012.

Satellite Voices: What was the first photo you ever took?
Yves Drillet: As far as I can remember, probably weird and random landscapes when I was 10 and went to Paris for the first time in my life. I shot views from the Eiffel Tower. The result was ugly underexposed pictures with a big grey sky and dark buildings.

SV: What kind of cameras do you use?
Yves Drillet: I shoot with a Nikon FM2 and a medium format, Mamiya 645, for some portraits and fashion pictures. It's important for me to shoot on film, it helps me to concentrate on every picture. The model or the stylist aren't asking you every minute to look at the pictures.

SV: What inspires you?
Yves Drillet:
These days I'm really into Jacques Rozier and Cassavetes' movies. Those two guys rocked, they knew how to let the camera play and create a really special intensity. I'm also a huge fan of 80s movies by Coppola, "The Outsiders" and "Rumble Fish" among others, it's the best of what you can expect from classic Hollywood movies, the beauty of youth and a timeless aesthetic. Within photography I love Collier Schorr, Ari Marcopoulos, Éric Nehr and many more. The work of Roe Ethridge blows my mind, he is so intelligent and knows exactly what he's doing and how art and commercial work can be the same but different. I'm also looking at a lot of up-and-coming photographers and I think Jamie Hawkesworth, Coley Brown and Letty Schmiterlow are really great.

SV: What is your favourite spot in Paris?
Yves Drillet: This past September, I worked for the photographer Matthew Frost in Paris, the office was located in the 10th Arrondissement and I loved walking through the Strasbourg St Denis area, it's a really multicultural neighbourhood, with African hairdressers, small grocery shops, sex shops and prostitutes. Also I loved hanging around rue des Écoles, where there are most of the art-house theatres and also the Grand Action, where I shot the DJ duo, Weirdettes.

SV: How would you describe your personal photographic style?
Yves Drillet: I'm trying to create a slow world of people's interaction, and find the moment when nothing really happens. I'm working on series where the characters are blurring in the pictures and the narrative is just suggested. Like in the "Shadows" series, where skaters hanging at night disappear into the darkness like mysterious heroes or ghosts.

SV: Could you tell us more about your collaboration projects?
Yves Drillet:
I'm really into a blog project with Pierre Seiter called ThuglifeCredibility archiving all kinds of images and weird things we see in our daily life, captured with our cellphones. We want all the pictures to make sense together, to ask questions about reproductibility, digital, classicism and fashion. It's a big sketch of all that matters for us at the moment. Also, I'm working on the next issue of Honnête Magazine, with a big team of creatives in Rennes, which will be a special fashion issue, with a pretty much avant-gardist layout and experimentations in pictures. I'm also doing a series on the city of Nice where I'm studying now at Villa Arson.

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