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Paris / Music

Community: Arun Tazieff

Introducing the Parisian psyche pop wonders on waking the dead

February 28, 2012


Paris / Music

Victor Aime

Introducing the teenage founder of the Parisian We Are Underage parties and newest Ed Banger club maven

February 22, 2012


Paris / Music

Tsugi: Patrice Bardot

City inspirations with the editor-in-chief of the cutting edge music magazine

February 20, 2012


Paris / Music

The Twinsmatic

The creative Parisian duo injected a new energy into the French music scene

February 7, 2012


Paris / Music

Singtank: The Party

Josephine de la Baume's pop duo unveils their debut video directed by AB/CD/CD

February 2, 2012

JUVENILES Couch 1 © Yann Morrison

Paris / Music

Community: Juveniles

Introducing Kitsune's latest signings and new French indie hopefuls

February 1, 2012


Paris / Music

Justice's New Video for On 'n' On

The Grammy-winning director Alexandre Courtes brings his trademark style to the new clip from the deity loving duo

January 24, 2012


Paris / Music

Gildas Loaëc & Kitsuné Parisien II

Kitsuné label manager talks about the future of Paris

January 23, 2012


Paris / Music

Total Warr Get Sexual

The electro pop duo go weird with their brilliant new lo-fi video shot at Disneyland Paris

January 12, 2012


Paris / Music

Sébastien Telllier's Pepito Blue

The iconic bearded French crooner readies his ambitious new album with a cosmic sneak peak teaser

January 11, 2012


Paris / Music

Community: Alexandre Berly

A local spotlight on the young disco DJ and producer and his love of Egon Schiele and cats

January 9, 2012


Paris / Music

Community: José Reis Fontao

The Stuck In The Sound vocalist tells us about his Parisian passions

January 9, 2012

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