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November 27, 2012

The new wave Parisian electro duo introduce their military-driven, conceptual debut record

  • Text by Christophe Victoor

PARADE was created only six-months-ago launching with a military-driven story and their first EP "THE CALL" released in October. Two further volumes will be announced before the summer of 2013 to continue this tale, which describes a military adventure through music.

Satellite Voices: How would you describe your musical style?
PARADE: It's always hard to talk about our own music. In this first EP we wanted to stay true to a club vibe, with this military thematic. For us, "THE CALL" embodies the call to enroll in the army. The two next episodes will complete the story, with slightly different musical colors. Sticking with a club background, we will adapt the music to what we want to relay at the time.

SV: What have been your favorite tracks of 2012?
PARADE: The Frank Ocean album was the classic of this year for us. Great production. Amazing Voice. Original and full of little surprises the more you listen to it.

SV: What can we expect from PARADE in the near future?
PARADE: We're working on two EPs to come in 2013. A bunch of gigs, of course! There are a few interesting seeds that have been planted but we don't want to talk too soon. We are starting to work on videos too, a strong image is very important for our story. Lots of dreams but for now we're just enjoying the reality. It's pretty good already as it is!

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