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Sound Cathedral

July 6, 2012

Parisian producer Sound Cathedral makes us discover his latest work

  • Text by Christophe Victoor

Sound Cathedral is an artist working between Paris and Berlin, exploring the limits of its creativity without any boundaries as a music producer, singer and songwriter. His first four tracks "Cold", "Summertime", "True Lies" and "Meaning" are now available via free download from his website and showcase Sound Cathedral's wayward electronics, abstract soul and hypnotic re-workings of modern electro pop.

Satellite Voices: Who is Sound Cathedral?
Sound Cathedral: We usually describe ourselves as selfish men... We are the mothers of the summer.

SV: Can you speak to us about your first four tracks?
Sound Cathedral: Each track is a Ritual. As men we practice many rituals, as the seasons, the earth and the universe has its Rituals, each track released by SOUND CATHEDRAL® is a ritual in itself and can be interpreted as one. "Summertime" an ode to the season that I am born, as well as the idea of a new beginning and letting go of worries. "Cold" is about loose women and the opposite of "Summertime". She who roams without a master waiting for someone who can afford their attention and the time that goes by. The ritual between each try and the misinformation that exists in this digital age with the confusion of the internet. Leaving these women in the cold waiting for that void to be filled without knowing how big or small the void actually is. Many women don't need a master and are not looking for a master of their love.

"True Lies" is about the man who dreams inside his wants for bliss with the one he desires. Promising the world to who he feels deserves it and taking the extreme of his promises, parallel the extremes of his want. He is true to himself and to his desires but if he doesn't yet actually hold the world that he promises to give, his truth will only be true once he can get a hold of the world that is so unstable. "Meaning" is about procession. We want to conquer, own, do mighty exploits, be heroes, and do what is considered significant. Inside we crave to do what meaningful and great. As selfish men this blinds love and love blinds all. 

SV: How has New York influenced your music?
Sound Cathedral: New York is the roots and this is what makes doing more than just music under SOUND CATHEDRAL® so visible. Many projects in hi fi art, film and goods are already on the way. Its all about 'multi-this' and 'multi-that'. To the sound it brings the influence from the soul of city nights, the raw industrial feel, the streets, the metal and the jazz.

SV: What do you think of the current social interaction artists have with their public, mainly through Facebook and Twitter?
Sound Cathedral: This is the biggest revolution in an artist's relationship with their fans and the fans' relationship to the development of the artist. Now that we bring our fans with us all along the journey, it is necessary to stay real and to be real. We believe in the strength of social networks and the sharing of music and tastes. We even offer some of our music free to listeners in exchange for social currency to unlock new music from us to listeners who don't mind sharing our musical universe with their friends and followers.

SV: What can we expect from you in the future?
Sound Cathedral: What the listeners can expect from SOUND CATHEDRAL® is a constant evolution. Not so fast that we lose you, but still remaining fearless.

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