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She Is by Jacob Kamara, Louis Backhouse & Malika Rayeva

August 16, 2012

All cities, worldwide - the second in our series of locally inspired films celebrating youth, created by Central Saint Martins students in partnership with Satellite Voices

  • Text by Alexandra Plesner

In the second film created by students from the Central Saint Martins Fashion Promotion & Communication course, Jacob Kamara, Malika Ravena and Louis Backhouse explore notions of voyeurism, distorting one’s gaze and female empowerment through their film. "We have juxtaposed moving images of the female body in its most vulnerable state, incongruously alongside riot scenes that instill fear in the viewer," explains Kamara. Provocative lyrics from the RnB one hit wonder Khia appear across the screen, a distilled narrative that weaves in and out of the intoxicating visuals. The elements combining to consciously challenge the viewer's perception of women.

Satellite Voices: What inspired you to all move to London and study Fashion Promotion & Communication?
Jacob Kamara: Like most studying the arts, Central Saint Martins is the pinnacle you aspire to when that dreaded time comes to fill out your UCAS forms. For those of us that want to study fashion communication, FCP is the best in the world. You are guided and polished yet never mollycoddled through your studies. We have incredible technicians on hand to help you through processes.

SV: What inspirations came out of creating this film and collaborating on this project?
Jacob Kamara: Our group at college all said they enjoyed it, and if not enjoyed it, they appreciated it. It hasn’t yet really reached to a further audience.
SV: What did you feel when you saw your finished video?
Jacob Kamara: 'Oh well.’ I suppose I did get butterflies, which is a good thing.

SV: Can you tell how you approached the video's narrative?
Jacob Kamara: We had many ideas for a narrative but we settled on a voyeuristic approach, filming strangers and friends in parks and bedrooms. And I have always been attracted to portraiture. I think it’s very interesting to look at people, or a particular person in art and design. An unpretentious inspiration, I think. People are so weird but they are just people. It's grounded but it is colourful and exciting.

SV: Are fashion and eroticism closely connected?
Jacob Kamara: Fashion is heavy. It’s a platform, isn’t it? Surrounding both fashion and eroticism is the body.

SV: Your video centres around the empowerment of women, what it is about this theme that entices you?
Jacob Kamara: I don’t know if it was growing up the only boy in a household of extremely strong, inspiring women - but women have always lived on an enormous pedestal for me.

You can read more about the project here.

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