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Stay Golden by Laura Baker, Rauwanne Northcoott & Galina Valenska

July 16, 2012

All cities, worldwide - the first in the series of locally inspired films created by Central Saint Martins students in partnership with Satellite Voices that celebrates youth

  • Text by Alexandra Plesner

There is currently such an obsession with the vintage aesthetic (case in point Instagram for example) that it seems we can only imagine through a romanticised nostalgia. Our vintage past has turned elderly... Youth is a mentality and this film by Laura Baker, Rauwanne Northcoott and Galina Valenska of the Central Saint Martins Fashion Promotion & Communication course follows the daily routines of Londoners over the age of 60, capturing them in seemingly mundane moments, however portraying them in a new light, and finding the fun and simple beauty within.

"They lived in these eras, they can tell you real anecdotes and what they are wearing is true vintage - there's a history to their garments that were once new," explain Rauwanne and Galina.

Satellite Voices: Are you using Instagram yourself? If so why?
Rauwanne Northcoott: Yes, I think it's a good way of visually showing what you're doing. I guess everyone just has this urge for good results at convenience and speed and Instagram is perfect for this.

Galina Valenska: I am not using Instagram but most of my friends do. I quite like the result, and wanted to join for quite a while but never got around doing so in the end.

SV: What were our initial ideas for this video?
Galina Valenska: The idea was to show that old people live fast. So the video had to be quite fast paced too. However, when we started filming and talking to old people on the streets, the idea naturally started to transform. There is a certain natural beauty within, which we felt and got attracted to.

SV: What narrative did you hope to convey?
Rauwanne Northcoott: The gestures of the people themselves just give you a feeling of wanting to slow down and appreciate these beautiful moments. It is pure honesty and capturing reality unscripted.

Galina Valenska: I am not sure that there was a specific narrative, rather a reflection of what we saw and experienced. We totally have been taken away by what we felt and went for it instead of sticking to the prior concept.

SV: Have you ever considered documenting projects by filming before and are you intrigued to continue exploring this medium?
Galina Valenska: Filming is definitely an interesting media. Especially today with the technical side of it being so easy and so exciting a the same time. I would definitely be interested in exploring it further and trying out more similar projects.

You can read more about the project here.

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