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Sidy Kouyaté's Legacy

December 14, 2011

The multi-talented young Parisian artist speaks about his latest video project as well as optimism and the future

  • Text by Christophe Victoor

Sidy Kouyaté is one of Paris's most prolific young artists. From music to video to photography, the creative polymath is running the city alongside SV friends like Charaf Tajer from Le Pompon. Sidy's latest video explores his, yours and our legacy, and with 2011 coming to close, he's looking far into next year with a ton of awesome projects. Check out the interview and check out his work. Inspiring stuff.

Satellite Voices: Can you explain to us what your new video is about?
Sidy Kouyaté: This film is about the legacy of humanity in general and I'm trying to trace back mine. My parents live in France but they are from Mali and most part of my family are there. So I'm carrying on their legacy here, in Paris, as well as the legacy of our species, which is the knowledge of what we are in the universe. The science and wisdom gathered in the Holy Books for instance.

SV: What’s your occupation?
Sidy Kouyaté: I'm a Swiss Army knife. I like the idea of being able to express myself properly through the right medium needed at the moment, whatever it is. Music, writing, video, photography, drawing, pole-dancing, anything. I'm part of a collective of like minded people with guys like Romain Babeau, Mickael Hedreville and Julien Avakian just to name a few and also a member of the Weirdata extended family. I have a website called Danslabsolu.com where I share my productions with the world.

SV: Where do you live and work?
Sidy Kouyaté: I live in Villejuif, South Paris and I work wherever there's love for me. And right now it's with my good friend Charaf Tajer at Le Pompon

SV: What inspires you about the area that you live and work in?
Sidy Kouyaté: Not much really. In the time we live in, I'd rather inspire my environment than getting inspired by it though. Otherwise it's called alienation. 

SV: What is your favourite hidden city spot and why?
Sidy Kouyaté: Honestly, I got to say I'm still looking for it...

SV: What can you find in your city that you can’t get anywhere else?
Sidy Kouyaté: We're living global now, that shit's over, my man. 

SV: How would you describe your personal style with your work?
Sidy Kouyaté: I don't know, it feels like it's a bit all over the place. With influences from all sorts of cultures and eras. 

SV: Who would you recommend in Paris with regards to art and music?
Sidy Kouyaté: The dude Dal-Gren killed it with his "Cut Basic 2" LP, check him out. And when it comes down to contemporary art you better look out for Mickael Hedreville, I think he's the reason why the Maya's predicted 2012 as a KABOOOM. 

SV: What projects are you working on at the moment and what’s next?
Sidy Kouyaté: Right now I'm working on my first solo album which is in the mixing process, I wrote a short movie that I'm going to start shooting anytime soon. Then I hope to shoot a documentary in Egypt this winter. Also we're developing some big projects with the Don, Charaf Tajer. So big that it may be a revolution! My mate Romain Babeau's photo exhibition is coming up soon, and I'm involved in that too. I'm also working with my brother Aldo Hacheme on a radio show on Banana Records. And last but not least, my first book called "Dans l'Absolu" is coming up next year. I think I have my hands full...

Photos by Nana Yaa Annobil

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